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A brave breast cancer survivor wed her fiancé just moments before they both ran the London Marathon last weekend.

Jackie Scully, 35, and her 36-year-old partner Duncan Sloan got married at 7.30am on Sunday before they embarked on the 26.2 mile race together as man and wife, Stylist reports.

Jackie even wore a specially crafted bridal gown, complete with veil, as she completed the epic run.

The couple, who are the first to ever get married on the morning of the marathon and then complete the event, got engaged just three weeks before Jackie's diagnosis with an aggressive form of breast cancer.

Explaining their reason for foregoing a traditional wedding in favour of a very special celebration, Jackie revealed to Stylist that the couple had wanted to give something back to the charities that had supported her during her illness.

'Wedding planning turned to surgery planning, and the whole experience could have ripped us apart had it not been for the incredible Willow Foundation and Breast Cancer Care,' she said.

The generous-hearted couple decided to forgo a traditional celebration in order to raise money for the charities that supported Jackie through her treatment.
In the 15th century, Archduke Maximillian of Austria gifted his fiancée the world’s first diamond engagement ring, though the expensive practice did not initially spread among the general population, said Coontz, who is also the director of research at the Council on Contemporary Families. Since then, the national average price for an engagement ring reached $6,163. But for some, the diamond engagement ring is losing its luster.

Slowly, some people are changing those traditions. Same-sex marriages, for example, have fewer established customs, so people are free to create more of their own. Skipping the engagement ring doesn’t always mean skipping symbols of commitment.

While relationships have changed tremendously in the past decades and centuries, the engagement ring has been among the last relationship markers to evolve. Engagement rings also served as a status symbol during a time when the average woman got married before 21. As far as marking the commitment in a relationship, living together has become the de facto engagement ring. About a third more U.S. adults were in cohabiting relationships in 2016 compared to nine years earlier, according to the Pew Research Center.

Even as some couples are skipping the engagement ring or choosing a stone other than a diamond, Coontz said symbols such as the engagement ring are still sticking around.
If her husband becomes France’s next president, Brigitte Macron will be the most unusual first lady the country has ever seen.

While French first ladies have a checkered history -- making headlines for excessive spending, extra-marital affairs, treason and even murder -- they’ve never been as central a figure in the formative years of their husbands’ lives as Brigitte has been for front-runner Emmanuel Macron. Brigitte Macron, who is 24 years older than the candidate, has been his guide and coach since he was 15, and is playing an active role in his campaign, advising him on speeches and effectively helping set his agenda.

“Emmanuel Macron wouldn’t have been able to embark on this adventure without her,” said Marc Ferracci, a campaign adviser and a witness at the couple’s 2007 wedding. “Her presence is essential for him.”

With just over two weeks to go before the first round of the vote, multiple polls show that Macron is a strong favorite to make it to the second round and will likely face the National Front’s Marine Le Pen, whom he is seen defeating with a large margin in the decisive round. 

“If I’m elected -- no, sorry, when we are elected -- she will be there, with a role, and a place,” the 39-year-old candidate said of Brigitte, 63, on March 8 during a speech in Paris. “I owe her a lot, she helped make me who I am.”

Many of the wives of French leaders have found a place in the history books: Queen Marie-Antoinette’s lavish spending contributed to the fall of the French monarchy in the late 18th century and Empress Josephine was divorced because she couldn’t give Napoleon an heir. In 1914, Prime Minister Joseph Caillaux’s wife Henriette killed the editor of the newspaper Le Figaro because he was a political threat to her husband.
You'd like to think that looks aren't everything when it comes to dating: that you will attract partners by your wit, warmth and creativity as much as your physical appearance. And that’s certainly true – at least for men. Women on the other hand are rather less lucky. 

A study published this week by the Royal Society found that if you’re an “average-looking” or ugly man, being witty, entertaining and imaginative will increase your overall attractiveness.  

But the bad news for women is that having an interesting personality will do little to improve your dating prospects – in fact, it could even harm them.
An old box of family photographs can reveal multitudes. When his aunt presented photographer Kalen Na'il Roach with an old chest filled with his grandfather Nat Briscoe's drawings, poems, and letters, it constructed a completely different picture of the man Roach thought he knew.

In a recently-opened solo exhibition, King Within A King at Deli Gallery, Roach uses family photography as a point of departure to interrogate his personal history, memory, and the limitations of a static image. In the exhibition, Roach combines traditional portraiture, collage, and an interactive portrait backdrop installation to explore the ideals of family and identity.

After the artist received his grandfather's chest, the first step was to make sense of its contents. "I just started to try and meld these relationships and figure out what this family really looked like, because I don't think the pictures really showed it all the way," Roach tells Creators. "I started to think about my grandparents in relationship to my parents, who were never together but always around. Whether or not I perceive my parents' situation as normal, it is never perceived as normal on a societal level."

Though modern understandings of the family unit are changing, when the artist was growing up in the 1990s, he "could've easily fallen into the category of another black boy without a father, even though my dad was there, he just wasn't with my mom. The complexity of these relationships are behind every picture in the show," Roach says.