This Bird Spends Over Six Straight Months In The Air

In Europe, the alpine swifts were day-fliers. They gathered food during the day, and spent their nights roosting and sleeping. As they moved towards Africa, they often flew through the night. Once they got to Africa, the birds didn’t stop moving, ever. Day and night, they flew — for months.

The Data Drive

Printed Internet's Daniel Kolitz has created a version of Facebook set in an alternate universe where Mark Zuckerberg is a conceptual art-terrorist.

Why The US Government’s New Cybersecurity Solution Is Doomed To Fail

In the wake of the OPM hack, Congress wants to push for more information sharing over insecure networks. That’s wrong, and there’s a better way.

'Clueless' Wasn’t Supposed To Be A Hit

It’s difficult to imagine a world without “Clueless,” the 1995 teen movie starring Alicia Silverstone that’s since gone on to be a cultural touchstone for women of all ages, but it was actually quite a struggle to get the movie made.

What Happens When A Reporter Tries To Take Donald Trump Seriously?

What fuels Trump is not the presidency — it’s the media that has covered his every move.