Watch Donald Trump's Long, Angry, Policy-Free RNC Speech

In an angry speech that was almost entirely bereft of policy proposals, Donald Trump firmly cast himself as the "Law and Order candidate," harping on (untrue) crime statistics and the dangers posed by outsiders, whether immigrants or ISIS. And that was pretty much it.

Watch Ivanka Trump's Polished, Poised And Oddly Liberal RNC Speech

Ivanka Trump provided one of the most polished performances of the Republican National Convention, setting the stage for her father's acceptance speech. Weirdly, in terms of policy proposals — equal pay and universal childcare! — it was also, uh, kind of liberal?

Watch Billionaire Investor Peter Thiel's RNC Spech

Billionaire venture capitalist, Facebook board member, and anti-Gawker crusader Peter Thiel took the stage at the Republican National Convention on Thursday to rail against floppy disks and the culture wars and to hype up Donald Trump.

Air Conditioning Is A Human Right

Texas, like other states, does not air condition its prisons — and by doing so, it kills people.

Confessions Of A Killer Policeman

When he began to kill, Thounaojam Herojit never intended to tell his wife — let alone the whole country.  After an execution, he would go home and wait by the corrugated tin gate for her to bring him a towel and bucket.

Peter Thiel Is So Dangerous And Fascinating You Have To Watch Him Tonight

Thiel may seem an unlikely warm-up act for a raving nativist like Trump. But the pair are actually an impeccable ideological tag-team.

NBA To Move All-Star Game Over North Carolina Bathroom Law

The NBA also said it hopes to hold the 2019 game in Charlotte "provided there is an appropriate resolution to this matter."

Autism's Job Boom

Splashy corporate initiatives aim to hire people with autism, but finding and keeping work is still a struggle for those on the spectrum. Can virtual avatars and for-profit startups help?

Scenes From The Cruz Underground

Within the convention, a defiant current starts to flow.

The Best Time The US Military Detonated A Nuke Underwater And Other Facts

Welcome to What We Learned This Week, a digest of the most curiously important facts from the past few days. This week: That one time the US blew up an atomic bomb in the water for funsies, Japan's cuteness obsession and video evidence of a bad water slide.