Bloomberg Businessweek's 50 Most Influential People

The movers and shakers in the financial industry: from John Oliver to Jamie Dimon.

I Went To My Own Digital Funeral

After years of posting indiscriminately to social media, I was suddenly faced with uncomfortable questions about what will happen to all of it when I die.

Just The Good Stuff From Last Night's Debate

The first debate has come and gone, and the show was definitely worth the wait. Whether you're looking the biggest zingers or another flip-flop, we've got you covered with all the highlights.

A Fact-Checked Transcript Of Tonight's Debate

NPR's politics team, with help from reporters and editors who cover national security, immigration, business, foreign policy and more, annotated the debate as it happened live.

Beef Is About To Go On Sale For The Next Ten Years

The latest USDA meat production projections are out, and they predict that, after years of domination by chicken, beef will become the fastest growing meat category over the course of the next decade.

Someone Built A Perfect 'Super Smash Brothers Melee' Bot

mashBot perfectly powershields every attack, chain-grabs relentlessly, guards the edges of the stage without fail.

Men, Please Throw Away Your Crappy Old Pillows

"Bad bachelor pillows are an epidemic, and I can’t stay silent any longer."

Miss The Debate? Watch In Full Here

For those of you who might have missed the debate when it was live, we've got the full showdown, divided into four parts.

Trump Takes The Bait

A visibly peeved Trump keeps trying to cut off Clinton as she needles him about his business, his climate change talk and his secret ISIS plan.

Watch Tonight's Debate Live And Join The Discussion

Watch a live stream of tonight's debate here at 9PM ET and chat with Digg users and editors about all the tomfoolery.

Murders In US Increased 11% In 2015

Cities across the country suffered an uptick in violent crime last year, including a nearly 11 percent jump in murders from the year before, according to new statistics compiled by the FBI.

Will Adding A Veggie Burger To The In-N-Out Menu Destroy The Country?

According to angry carnivores, this seemingly benign and completely inanimate food item (a veggie burger) has some pretty nefarious intentions.