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Researchers in China grafted the heads of smaller rats onto the necks of larger rats.

The scientists successfully avoided any brain-damaging blood loss, accomplishing the goal of the study published in 'CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics.'

Blood vessels of the donor rat's head were attached to a third rat's blood vessels which kept blood flowing continuously to the donor rat's brain.

No damaging was detected on EEGs monitoring the donor rat's brain activity throughout the transplanting procedure.
President Donald Trump signed an executive order, flanked by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, aiming to rein federal control of education in the U.S.

Trump hopes to put his stamp on the Education Department advocating for more local control of schools in his executive order. 

The order also requests DeVos review the Every Student Succeeds Act, an Obama-era education law, and Common Core, education standards adopted by most states.

The order initiates a process that could see substantial changes made to K-12 education in the United States.
We have no idea how, but tattoo artists are managing to craft beautiful floral designs down the impossibly small space.

The helix, the thin curved outer part of the ear, is getting inked with dainty designs from flowers and paw prints to simple lines.

The outcome is intricate, lovely, fresh, and prettier than any piercing. 

The trend has quickly become a thing on Instagram and seems to hold particular favour with minimalists as the perfect place for delicate designs.