Burn Notice: J. Edgar Hoover's Best Insults

During his nearly forty-year reign as director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover annotated — if not millions — of pages of memos, reports, and other documentation. And sometimes Hoover would get a little... catty.

Apparently Earth Is Sprouting Dark Matter 'Hairs'

If Earth is indeed wearing a dark matter toupee, it could be great news for astrophysicists.

The Cultural History Of Pumpkin And Sweet Potato Pie

"Until my then-future in-laws introduced me to pumpkin pie at nineteen, I couldn’t imagine a Thanksgiving dessert that wasn’t my mother’s sweet potato pie."

Boy Arrested For Homemade Clock Wants An Apology...And $15 Million

The Texas teenager who was arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school has sent letters to the city of Irving, Texas, as well as the Irving school district, demanding $15 million and a written apology. If he doesn't get both within 60 days, Ahmed Mohamed's lawyer says he'll file a lawsuit.

Think Campus PC Is Out of Control? Look At The Military

It turns out that even the millennials who fight wars don't want to hear bigoted jokes.

How To Fix Everything

As personal electronics become more common, and complex, a growing number of people are trying to fix them.

Chicago Officials Release Video Showing Fatal Shooting Of Laquan McDonald

The video's release comes just hours after officer Jason Van Dyke was charged with the first degree murder of McDonald.

The User Interface Of 'Fallout 4' Is Truly Terrible

You’ll spend a lot of "Fallout 4" fighting irradiated super mutants, giant killer cockroaches, and deadly cyborgs. You’ll spend just as much time fighting the game’s awful user interface.

How To Seduce A Turkey: The Bizarre Poultry Sex Experiments Of The 1960s

The researchers began with a taxidermically prepared female turkey model and a pen of active males. In order to learn what specifically gets a turkey visually interested in making more turkeys, the two men slowly removed parts of the turkey model, one by one.

People Are Using Airbnb For Hook-Ups And The Company Isn't Happy About It

Airbnb sells itself as a company that facilitates cool short-term rentals from cool people, and inevitably users are hooking-up with those cool people.

Why Can't We Build A Splash-Proof Toilet?

Toilets routinely splash urine back onto men who stand to pee. But we discuss bathroom habits so rarely that we can't agree that there's a problem.

Crunchy Food Is The Only Way To Survive A Family Thanksgiving

Giada De Laurentiis shares her recipes for dealing with annoying relatives.

The Golden State Warriors Are Breaking The NBA

The Golden State Warriors are 15-0. If they win Tuesday against the lowly Los Angeles Lakers, they will break the record for the hottest start in NBA history; no NBA team has won its first 16 games. How are they doing this?