The US And Europe Have A Massive New Privacy Deal

US and European regulators have agreed to a tentative deal that would allow thousands of US companies to continue moving the personal information of ordinary Europeans across the Atlantic.

Super Bowl Ads Have Gone Soft

Why advertisers are playing it safe this year.

The Problems With Food Media

With greater reach than ever before, the industry is at the perfect stage to evolve — but we've got to be willing to air out our dirty laundry first.

Something Mysterious Is Killing Monkeys In Nicaragua

Some conservationists speculate that the primates’ plight might be related to drought, food shortages or other environmental factors. But one leading primate expert thinks the monkey die-off could be an early warning sign of a viral outbreak.

How Our Shrimp Addiction Is Killing Our Environment

Coastal shrimp farmers grow the animals in large, constructed ponds, located on the water’s edge so that their water can be exchanged regularly. The waste that accumulates in these ponds have devastating effects on the surrounding environment.

The Missing Sons Of Ukraine

To lose a child in war is a nightmare. But when your quest to find them is met with lies, it’s a nightmare that never ends.

Why Does Knowing How Long You'll Wait Make Waiting Less Terrible?

Waiting at a bus stop or a subway station, it can feel like the minutes stretch on forever. This isn’t because your local transit agency is conspiring to make your life miserable. Your brain perceives the minutes spent waiting as longer than they actually are.

Psychologists Analyzed A Big Collection of Condemned Inmates’ Last Words

To psychologists who study how humans cope with fear and death, condemned inmates’ final statements are — setting aside the "ick" factor — a rich potential source of information. There are few other situations in which you can hear the thoughts of someone who knows they will be dead in a few minutes.

Subway To Scrap The $5 Footlong

The Sub-maggeddon is here. Now you'll pay $6 for 12 inches of food.

Meet The Man Who Made Virtual Reality 'Feel' More Real

Tom Carter's ultrasound technology lets you touch and manipulate virtual objects — attracting interest from Jaguar Land Rover, Harman and dozens of others.

The Man Behind The Rise And Fall Of Dogecoin Just Got Way Worse

Ryan Francis Kennedy, the failed Dogecoin entrepreneur who stands accused of stealing more than $1 million from customers, has been charged with raping multiple women.

How We Used To Deal With Insomnia

These days, five to ten percent of adults are chronic insomniacs. While accounts of insomnia date back to ancient civilization, the history of the disorder as a codified disease, treated with patented drugs and studied through controlled experiments, starts in the 19th century.

Who Do Terrorists Confide In?

Leakage is, in short, when a violent perpetrator signals to people in his circle that he is planning an act of violence. Who are those people?

What Life Is Like After 'American Idol'

After weeks of getting up in front of the nation to put your talent on display, what's it like to finally stop?