New Tory Leader Jason Kenney says parents should be notified if their children join a gay-straight alliance at school and the NDP government should take a less confrontational approach with hold-out schools on LGBTQ issues.

In an editorial board with Postmedia in Calgary on Tuesday, Kenney  reiterated that if he becomes premier he will not repeal Bill 10, legislation passed in 2015 under the former PC government that mandates school boards allow gay-straight alliances where they are requested by students.

"I do however believe parents have a right to know what's going on with their kids in the schools unless the parents are abusive," said Kenney, an MP for nearly two decades before entering provincial politics.

The issue of parental notification around GSAs — student-led clubs aimed at reducing bullying of LGBTQ students —has been contentious, with advocates suggesting it could lead to gay students being outed to their parents without their consent.
Mongolia’s Gobi Desert is one of the richest deposits of dinosaur remains on the planet and has turned out an array of fascinating new finds, including the world’s largest dinosaur footprint.

Yet this unique area is under threat as untrained locals take to the international black market in fossils, hacking at the ground with pick axes, often destroying valuable and irreplaceable remains.

It’s a surprisingly widespread practice, that has world-leading palaeontologists such as the University of Alberta’s Philip J Currie very concerned.
A property tycoon who banned “coloured” people from renting his properties has claimed he is not racist and “would do it again”.

Fergus Wilson, one of the UK’s biggest buy-to-let landlords, instructed agents acting on his behalf not to let his properties to “coloured” people because he said the smell of curry “sticks to the carpet”.

The 69-year-old, whose Kent property empire is thought to number around 1,000 homes in the Ashford and Maidstone areas, issued a series of “offensive directives” ordering agents at Evolution Properties not to rent to battered wives, single parents, low income and zero hours workers or plumbers.
Argentina gave final legislative approval on Wednesday to a bill legalizing cannabis oil for medicinal use and permitting the federal government to grow marijuana for research and therapeutic purposes.

The measure will become law once it is signed by President Mauricio Macri, whose Cambiemos party sponsored the bill.

Chile and Colombia have adopted similar laws and neighboring Uruguay has gone as far as to legalize smoking marijuana, seeking to wrest the business from criminals in the small South American nation.

A bill approving the use of cannabis oil is pending in Peru's Congress. In January, healthcare regulators in Brazil issued the country's first license for sale of an oral spray derived from marijuana used to treat multiple sclerosis.
Iceland has seen a dramatic increase in the followers of its indigenous pagan movement in recent years, making Odin worshippers the country's fastest-growing religion.

National Statistics Bureau figures show that followers of the Asatru Association still lag far behind the established Lutheran Church, which accounts for 237,938 or almost 70% of the population and has remained stable for decades.

But the total of Icelanders who revere Odin, Thor and the Goddess Freyja has leapt 50% since 2014 to 3,583, with more than twice as many male as female faithful.