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More than 2,500 advertisers have reportedly stopped advertising on right-wing news website Breitbart News in recent months, underscoring the swelling power of a grassroots campaign to boycott the platform, especially amid escalating political tensions in the US.

According to a tweet by Sleeping Giants, a campaign group aiming to pressure companies into cutting ties with media they deem to be racist or sexist, the number of advertisers that have ceased advertising is “climbing towards 2,600”.

Breitbart gained prominence as a deeply divisive mouthpiece for many supporters of US President Donald Trump ahead of last year’s election. 

In February, Milo Yiannopoulos, a senior editor and well known figurehead for the site, was forced to resign his position after remarks surfaced in which he seemed to condone paedophilia.

On Friday, Steve Bannon, known for his nationalist views, returned to head up the site.

He had been executive chairman until August last year before taking a leave of absence to serve as chief strategist to Mr Trump.
Far-right website Breitbart has apologized after it used a photograph of German soccer star Lukas Podolski riding on the back of a jet-ski to illustrate a story on human trafficking. 

The article ran Aug. 18 — the same day Steve Bannon was ousted from the White House and reportedly returned to the helm of the site.

Podolski's image appeared under the headline, "Spanish police crack gang moving migrants on jet-skis."

Podolski was shown flashing a peace sign while riding on the back of a jet-ski.

The photo of Podolski on the jet-ski showed him in Brazil after Germany had won the World Cup in 2014, not in the Strait of Gibraltar as reported by Breitbart, according to The Independent.

Podolski announced his retirement from Germany's national team in August 2016.
At least 23 people have been killed and more than 120 injured after a train came off the tracks in India on Saturday.

Rescuers and local people in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh worked into the night searching for survivors in the overturned and mangled carriages.

Officials have said they expect the death toll to rise.

At least eight carriages derailed at roughly 5.46pm local time, about 80 miles (130km) north of the capital New Delhi, as the train travelled towards the Hindu holy city of Haridwar, police said.

Train crashes are frequent in India, which has the world’s fourth biggest rail network.

Poor investment in the vast network and rising demand has left overcrowded trains running on creaking infrastructure.
A new study by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has found that white supremacists have been using genetic testing kits in an effort to prove that they have so-called “racial purity”, but they’re often disappointed to learn that they aren’t, in fact, fully white.

According to UCLA sociologists Aaron Panofsky and Joan Donovan, white supremacists on the online forum Stormfront have been testing themselves using tools such as and 23andMe.

The Stormfront group was created in 1995 by Don Black, a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

The study noted that the forum’s senior moderator, John Law, defines being white as “non-Jewish people of wholly European descent.

No exceptions.” Members of the group often spend time debating what being white means.

That’s why many were on the defensive when they find that they weren’t 100 per cent European, or “white,” and disputed the findings.
Spanish police say they have killed five suspected terrorists in the town of Cambrils to stop a vehicle attack, after an earlier one in Barcelona.

The men, wearing explosive belts, were linked to the first attack, police say.

Spain's PM Mariano Rajoy described it a "jihadist attack", which so-called Islamic State said it had carried out, and announced three days of national mourning and a minute's silence will be held later on Friday.

Seven people, including a police officer, were wounded when a car was driven into them early on Friday, Catalan emergency services said, and one person is in a critical condition.

The attackers' vehicle overturned and when the men got out they were quickly fired upon by police, media say.

Police say the situation in Cambrils - a popular seaside resort 110km (68 miles) south-west of Barcelona - is now under control.
A confrontation occurred between Indian and Chinese soldiers along a disputed border in the western Himalayas, Indian officials said on Tuesday.

The PTI news agency said soldiers threw stones, causing minor injuries to both sides, as Chinese troops tried to enter Indian territory near the Pangong lake.

Beijing maintains that their soldiers were inside Chinese territory.

The two countries are also locked in an impasse in the Doklam area, which borders China, India and Bhutan.

PTI quoted army officials as saying that in the latest confrontation, soldiers had to form a human chain to prevent an incursion by Chinese forces into territories claimed by India and located near the country's Ladakh region.

China claims the territories as its own.
An Iranian MP says the government is to present a bill to the Parliament whose ratification will lead to the removal of divorce details from women’s identity documents.

Salman Khodadadi, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s Social Commission, says plans are underway to remove divorce details from the birth certificates of divorced ladies.

“The government’s plan to submit a bill suggesting the word ‘divorce’ be removed from divorced women’s identity certificates is a right and influential decision,” he noted, according to a Farsi report by Mehr.
Legislation will make it illegal to prevent trans people from inheriting property, unlawfully evict them or deny them entry to educational institutions.

Pakistan has passed two landmark bills that, for the first time ever, secure the rights of transgender people in the country.

On Tuesday, the National Assembly cleared the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill 2017 as well as a legislation that will make amendments to the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) and Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC).

The bills are set to expand the definition of a trans person in the country, to include “any person whose gender identity and/or gender expression differs from the society norms and cultural expectations based on the sex they were assigned at the time of their birth”, Pakistani media outlet, Dawn, reported.

The amendment bill will make it illegal to prevent trans people in Pakistan from inheriting property, unlawfully evict them from any establishment or deny them entry to educational institutions.

While the rights bill will officially recognize an individual’s gender identity as they perceive it, and will also guarantee all fundamental rights outlined in the Constitution.
India has increased a military alert along its eastern border with China, moving troops and weapons into the region amid a weeks-long standoff between the two countries that shows no signs of resolution.

As NPR's Julie McCarthy reported last month, New Delhi and Beijing have been at odds over a strategic region called the Doklam Plateau, which is claimed both by China and by India's tiny ally, Bhutan.

In June, China began construction to extend a road there in an apparent effort to press its claim. In response, India sent troops as a show of force, sparking anger from China which says the affair is none of its business.

Beijing demanded that Indian forces withdrawal, but Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has refused.

India's Defense Minister Arun Jaitley told parliament this week that the country's armed forces are "fully prepared" in the event of conflict with China.

The two countries have also long been at odds over India's hosting of Tibet's government-in-exile and their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, considered by China to be subversive.
Several American diplomats who had been stationed in Cuba were forced to cut their tours of duty short and return home last year after suddenly and inexplicably losing their hearing.

According to a report by the Associated Press on Wednesday, unnamed US officials conducted an investigation into the incidents and found that an “advanced sonic weapon” was responsible.

The sonic devices were planted in or around the diplomats’ homes and emitted inaudible sounds that apparently caused the hearing loss.

The day after the original report was published by the Associated Press, the Canadian government told the news agency that one of its diplomats in Cuba had also been treated for hearing loss.

Officials in Canada “are aware of unusual symptoms affecting Canadian and US diplomatic personnel and their families in Havana,” a spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada told the AP, adding: “The government is actively working - including with US and Cuban authorities - to ascertain the cause.”

The US State Department confirmed that diplomats had “a variety of physical symptoms” and said the US responded by removing two Cuban diplomats from the country’s embassy in Washington last May, but the Cuban government denied the allegations, and said the expulsion of the Cuban diplomats was “unjustified and baseless.”