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Al-Masdar News has obtained rare images of an air field operated by US warplanes in the Sarrin Plains, located in the far eastern countryside of Aleppo near the provincial border with Raqqa.

The pictures show a large US plane taking off and plenty of Humvees protecting the site.

An American flag is also hoisted above the airport which is located in rearguard territory controlled by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)

Although not publicly acknowledged by the Pentagon, the US is believed to have constructed upwards of a dozen air fields in northern Syria without the permission of the Syrian Government.
ISIS has declared its defeat in Mosul, saying it was due to use the fight-or-flight strategy, a local source said on Friday.

The source asserted that ISIS declaration of defeat came in a speech by an ISIS top leader Abu al-Baraa al-Mousali in Tal Afar.

Al-Mousali also designated Tal Afar as a temporary base of operations for the group.

This comes in the wake of ISIS defeat in the right bank of Mosul as Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi announced, upon the recapture of Grand al-Nuri Mosque's site in the right bank of Mosul.
The Islamic State group no longer has a presence in Syria’s Aleppo province after withdrawing from a series of villages where regime forces were advancing, a monitor said on Friday.

‘ISIS withdrew from 17 towns and villages and is now effectively outside of Aleppo province,’ according to British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

It comes as US-backed Syrian fighters seized the last road into ISIS’s de facto capital Raqqa, in Syria, after neighbouring Iraq declared ‘the end of the fake jihadi state’ in its war-torn nation.

Syrian Democratic Forces are now in control of all high-speed routes into Raqqa, captured by ISIS in 2013, from the south, a spokesman for the US-led coalition confirmed.

It was yet another major setback for ISIS which declared its ‘caliphate’ straddling Syria and Iraq three years ago, but has since lost most of its territory.

Only this week Iraqi forces recaptured an iconic mosque in Mosul, Iraq, the terror group’s last major stronghold in the country, prompting Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to declare ‘the end of the fake jihadist state’.
The US said on Tuesday that it had observed preparations for a possible chemical weapons attack at a Syrian air base allegedly involved in a sarin attack in April following a warning from the White House that the Syrian regime would “pay a heavy price” for further use of the weapons.

In a bluntly worded statement released late on Monday night, the White House said: “The United States has identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime that would likely result in the mass murder of civilians, including innocent children

The unusual public warning on Monday night appeared to be intended to deter the regime from repeating its use of chemical weapons against rebel-held cities and towns.

It may also have been aimed at the regime’s backers in Moscow and Tehran, who have resolutely backed Assad and denied the regime’s responsibility for chemical weapons use.

Although the focus of US military operations in the region is the defeat of Isis in its two major strongholds, Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria, the Trump administration has showed itself willing to act if the Assad regime carries out a major chemical weapons attack.

US forces in Syria have also been empowered to defend themselves and their allies against attack, which has led to a string of recent clashes with pro-regime forces competing for the same territory.