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Corrupt former Labor minister Ian Macdonald faces repaying a debt to NSW taxpayers potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars under a move to strip him of his parliamentary pension via legislation announced by Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

The legislation, unveiled on Tuesday, also threatens corrupt former minister

Eddie Obeid with loss of his parliamentary pension under which he has been paid more than $120,000 a year since he quit politics in 2011.

The move comes just over five months after Obeid was sentenced to a maximum of five years in jail for misconduct in public office and days before Macdonald faces a sentencing hearing on Friday after being convicted of the same offence in March.

However, the government will not be able to move against Obeid and Macdonald's pension for up to 12 months after their convictions - the period within which the legislation says they can head off the action with a successful appeal.
Former CIA Director John Brennan told House Russia investigators Tuesday that Russia "brazenly interfered" in US elections, including actively contacting members of the President Donald Trump's campaign -- but he stopped shy of dubbing it "collusion."

"I saw interaction that in my mind raised questions of whether it was collusion," Brennan told Rep. Trey Gowdy, saying that he supported the FBI digging further.

"It was necessary to pull threads."

Brennan was speaking to the House intelligence committee on the extent of Russia's meddling in the 2016 elections and possible ties to the Trump campaign, where he was asked about how Moscow recruits sources "wittingly and unwittingly."

"Frequently, people who go along a treasonous path do not know they are on a treasonous path until it is too late," Brennan said.
RCMP officers stood guard outside a high school in Red Deer, Alta., Tuesday morning after a fight last week involving students from Syria spurred the staging of an anti-immigration protest outside the school.

"I would like to assure that our sons and daughters will be safe [Tuesday ] at school," Dan Lower, principal of Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School, said in a letter sent to parents Monday.

"Many of our refugee and immigrant students have indicated that they are afraid to come to school," he added. 

Several students were suspended following a fight, last Tuesday. Police have since confirmed the scrap occurred off school grounds. 

In a statement posted Friday, school officials said the brawl resulted in the suspension of all students involved, and refuted social media claims that Syrian students involved were unfairly spared any discipline.
Labour was accused of fantasy figures today after offering students a £7.5billion bribe ahead of the election.

The party has pledged to 'back-date' its policy of scrapping tuition fees so it benefits those preparing to study this Autumn.

The huge sweetener comes on the last day for registering to vote on June 8. Labour is trying to tap into a group that has previously been less likely to exercise their democratic rights.

But the Tories pointed out that the measure was not costed in the party's manifesto, accusing Jeremy Corbyn of making 'unfunded pledges knowing they can't deliver them without hurting those most in need'.

The party says it would abolish fees from 2018 and write-off the first year of fees for those planning to start university this September, while those part way through their degree will pay no further fees for the remainder of the course.

Labour adds it would seek to provide free tuition for EU students and would seek reciprocal arrangements at EU universities as part of Brexit talks.
President Donald Trump urged two senior intelligence officials in March to publicly deny there was any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, the Washington Post reported on Monday, citing current and former officials.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers refused to comply with Trump's requests.

Because they believed them inappropriate, according to two current and two former officials, the Post said.
Some members of the Liberal Democrats have been frustrated over equality scandals which have hit the party during the General Election.

Many have become frustrated watching their leader stumble on questions pertaining to homosexuality and abortion.

Now, transgender members of the Liberal Democrats, along with young supporters of the party, have hit out at the leadership for a poster they think is at best tasteless and at worst offensive to transgender people.

The picture depicts Theresa May with Nigel Farage's face, with the words "vote her, get him".

On Sunday, when the poster was released, the chair of LGBQ Lib Dems, Jennie Rigg, complained about how the press team was "making her life difficult".
Chelsea Clinton appeared to take a veiled swipe at President Donald Trump when she declared that “sexism is not an opinion” and “Islamophobia is not an opinion” during her remarks Monday at the CARE national conference in Washington, D.C.

Former 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s daughter said “those of us that have been blessed” should right the wrongs that exist in U.S. society. 

Clinton did not offer an explanation of what those steps may be before launching into a laundry list of threatening viewpoints that should be opposed.

“When you’re working crazy hard to make ends meet and get the bills paid, you really don’t want somebody who grew up in a house with a chef telling you why everything you believe is wrong.”

“I think, though, that we also have to recognize particularly at this moment that sexism is not an opinion. Islamophobia is not an opinion. Racism is not an opinion. Homophobia is not an opinion. Jingoism is not an opinion,” Clinton told the audience.
Labour has pledged to scrap tuition fees for students starting university in September.

Leader Jeremy Corbyn accused the Conservatives of having “held students back for too long” by helping to treble tuition fees to more than £9,000 a year, claiming Labour wants to “lift this cloud of debt” by making it free for people to study at university in England.

The party said it would abolish fees from 2018 and write off the first year of fees for those planning to start university this September.

Those part way through their degree would pay no further fees for the remainder of the course.
The Conservatives are buying up Google ads to stop people reading about the controversy around its "dementia tax".

The party has come under huge pressure over its new care plan, which will see older people have to pay for the services they use.

The controversial policy has been called a dementia tax, since it means people who need care as they get older will have to pay far more than they did before.

Now the party appears to be attempting to limit that controversy by stopping people reading about it. It is thought it is spending thousands of pounds to keep people from reading about the widespread opposition to the party – and encourage them to click on its own website instead.

Ads are being placed at the top of Google searches for "dementia tax" to direct people onto a special page on the Tory website.