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During “dove releases,” birds are let out of a cage, and event attendees likely assume that they have been “set free” and will live happily ever after.

But that four-second visual display claims many of their lives.

The “doves” that people rent for weddings, funerals, and other occasions are often actually pigeons who are bred to be all-white.

Breeders make money by renting them out as “wedding doves.”

They’re stuffed into cages, dragged to unfamiliar locations in the middle of noisy crowds, and turned loose.

As they try to find their way back to the exhibitor, the domesticated birds often get hurt or lost, are killed by predators, or starve to death.
A large, diamond ring is expected to fetch £350,000 at auction 30 years after its owner paid £10 for it at a car boot sale, thinking it was a costume jewel.

The “exceptionally-sized” stone was presumed not to be real because 19th Century diamonds were not cut to show off their brilliance like today’s gems.

And so the owner, unaware of its value, wore it for decades, while doing everything from the shopping to the chores.

The 26.27 carat, cushion-shaped, white diamond, snapped up at a Sunday sale at the West Middlesex Hospital in Isleworth in west London in the 1980s, is going under the hammer at Sotheby’s in July.
A new anger room has spawned in Singapore and it’s all the rage, literally.

Dubbed The Fragment room, it’s not the first establishment to allow stressed-out customers the opportunity to pulverize a bevy of objects to their heart’s content.

However, it’s presumably the first space that will let you wreck things with a Supreme crowbar while rocking a pair of Yeezy 950 boots.

How does it all work? Well, the least expensive option will run you approximately $38 USD and you are given a baseball bat as well as 30 minutes to demolish a box full of “breakables” such as electronics or glass objects.

On the other hand, the priciest package dubbed “Annihilation” will lend you a sledgehammer to destroy an unlimited amount of breakables.

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, you can rent out the streetwear mainstay’s crowbar as well as Kanye’s military boots that work with any of the aforesaid options.
The good news? Science says we can go back to the past. The bad news? We probably won't ever get there. Here's why.

Sure, TARDIS may be the name of the time machine in Doctor Who, but it's also the name of the hypothetical device that physicists posit could make time travel possible.

Researchers Ben Tippet and David Tsang developed a mathematical formula to describe how TARDIS would work a formula that they say proves time travel is theoretically possible, Their paper is published in the journal Classical and Quantum Gravity.

"People think of time travel as something fictional," Tippett said in a news release. "And we tend to think it's not possible because we don't actually do it. But, mathematically, it is possible."

Essentially, the theory has to do with the curvature of spacetime: Tippett says that the four dimensions (the three space dimensions, plus time) should be imagined to be connected, so that time could (theoretically) be bent into a circle for passengers
Just as the UK’s National Health Service, corporations, and government agencies around the globe grapple with the recent ransomware virus attack that forced thousands of computers offline, Russia has come up with a novel way of dealing with the cybersecurity situation: holy water.

Today, the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church was invited to the country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs to douse the computers with holy water to protect them from incursion.

With no separation of church and state in Russia, the Orthodox Church is considered one of the country’s most important institutions with firm ties to the government.

Its leader, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, holds as much power as the Pope and collaborates closely with President Vladimir Putin in matters of state, whom he once described as “a miracle of God.”
A cat measuring almost four feet is vying for the title of the world's longest after taking Instagram by storm.

Omar, a Maine Coon, measures 120cm from nose to tail, according to his owner.

The 14kg feline is fed on raw kangaroo meat and needs a dog crate to be taken to the vet, the BBC reported.

"It's the only meat we could find that he actually wants to eat," owner Stephy Hirst, of Melbourne, Australia, told the broadcaster.

"He does take up a bit too much room on the bed so he gets locked out of the bedroom at night," Ms Hirst added.
A baby goat has been born with one eye in what has been hailed a ‘miracle’.

Some villagers believe the goat, that was born in Assam in India, is sacred and have begun to worship it after it was born a week ago. 

Vets predicted that the goat, which also only has one ear, would die within a few days but it has defied the odds so far.

People have been visiting the village to see the kid which suffers from a condition seen in other animals including horses, pigs, cows and cats.

The condition which causes the defect is called cyclopia and occurs when the two hemispheres of the brain do not separate.
At 7:20 a.m. last Thursday, Josh Henderson was summoned to a mass casualty event at a 23-story building in downtown Galveston, Texas.

He arrived to a scene unlike any he had ever witnessed.

Henderson, supervisor of the animal services unit in the Galveston Police Department, quickly began collecting the bodies dozens upon dozens of migratory birds that had evidently become disoriented and slammed into the high-rise while flying north from Central and South America during a storm the night before.

Three of the birds a Nashville warbler and two magnolia warblers were alive.

But 395 were not so lucky.

Henderson knows the number because he counted the animals by hand, sorted them into a rainbow-hued array on an autopsy table, and then packaged them for delivery to researchers.
An Ohio police officer almost died from a drug overdose after simply brushing what was believed to be powdered fentanyl off his shirt.

It took four doses of opioid antidote Narcan to revive him.

The incident shows that the opioid epidemic is dangerous even for people who aren't using the drugs.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid painkiller that's 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine.

Doctors can prescribe it in patch and lozenge form, but illegally made fentanyl is increasingly being mixed with heroin or cocaine
A sheriff's department helicopter crew warned paddleboarders in Southern California Wednesday that they had company: there were more than a dozen sharks near them in the water.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department helicopter captured footage of the smattering of great white sharks as Deputy Brian Stockbridge broadcasted instructions to people in the water, the AP reports. State Parks, he said in the video, had asked him to pass along a message: you should probably head to shore.

"You are paddleboarding next to approximately 15 great white sharks," Stockbridge told the people below. "They are advising you exit the water in a calm manner. The sharks are as close as the surfline."