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Fans of Stranger Things should start getting excited because season 3 of the popular Netflix show is no longer a rumor, it’s been confirmed.

The brothers have confirmed that the series will get a third season and possibly a fourth to end the series on.

That’s a nice even number and since season 2 will lay the groundwork for the show’s ending it means a third season of a brand new story before wrapping up the show.

In an extensive interview with Vulture, Matt Duffer said he wants to keep the story evolving, while easing up on turning their child stars’ worlds upside down. 

“I don’t know if we can keep having something bad happen to them once a year,” Duffer said, and when asked if there’s a hopeful note for them to go out on, he offered that, “They’ll have to get the f*** out of town.”

No matter what happens with this crazy season, fans can rest easy that the adventures of the Hawkins A.V. Club will continue.
Donald Trump vowed to maintain America's military commitment in Afghanistan, sustaining America's longest war and reversing his previously staunch resistance to the US engagement there.

In his first first nationally-televised prime-time address since January, the President laid out a vision short on concrete details, but strong on rhetoric - saying that US troops "will fight to win" in Afghanistan, as well as putting pressure on Pakistan to crack down on terrorist sanctuaries near its borders and calling for further help from India.  

While multiple reports earlier in the day that Mr Trump was ready to commit as many as 4,000 more troops to the country, the President pointedly declined to state specific details about troop totals, but he made it clear that he planned to keep troops in Afghanistan as a bulwark against violence, even as he said "the American people are weary of war without victory".

"Terror groups will stop at nothing to commit the mass murder of innocent men, women and children," Mr Trump said.

Saying America’s “strategy will change dramatically” in Afghanistan, Mr Trump vowed to delegate more authority to military commanders, saying “micromanagement from Washington, DC does not win battles.”

He also sought to define the limits of America’s involvement approach, saying its future in Afghanistan would shift to a “time-based approach to one based on conditions”.
Ultra-right wing news site Breitbart landed itself in hot water on Sunday after it was found to have posted an article about human traffickers in Spain with a picture of World Cup champion Lukas Podolski.

The article, published on Friday by Breitbart London entitled "Spanish Police Crack Gang Moving Migrants on Jet-Skis," discussed a group of smugglers who charged refugees 5,000 euros (approximately 5,900 USD) to bring them from Morocco to Spain via jet-ski.

The article's main image included a picture of a smiling Podolski flashing a peace sign on the back of a jet-ski with another man.

The picture, which shows Podolski wearing the German national team's uniform underneath his life jacket, was taken in 2014 during the World Cup in Brazil.

On Sunday, Breitbart switched out the picture after the original post sparked outrage, and more than a few jokes, on social media.

The far-right website also posted an apology in the form of an editor's note at the bottom of the article.
An actor was stabbed to death on Friday evening while he was out walking with his wife in their New York City neighborhood, the New York Post reports.

Christina Romero Carroll, 41, told the newspaper that she and her 42-year-old husband George Carroll had passed two men on school steps in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint area.

“It was basically, ‘What are you looking at?’” Romero Carroll recalled one of the men saying, “And my husband — he’s a Texan — he’s like, ‘I’m looking.’”

The widow claimed to the Post: “They got into it, they were chasing him, my husband ran and threw his phone at them to try to defend himself.”

George Carroll was stabbed by one man and taken to a hospital, where he was declared dead, police told WPIX.

Romero Carroll told the TV station, “I can't believe I am talking about my husband in the past tense.”
Ten US Navy sailors are missing after a US Navy guided-missile destroyer collided with an oil tanker east of Singapore early Monday, the fourth accident in Asian waters involving a US warship in 2017.

The Navy's 7th Fleet said the USS John S. McCain collided with the merchant vessel Alnic MC at 5:24 am local time, while the destroyer was making its way to a port visit in Singapore.

Images from Reuters news agency on Monday afternoon showed a huge, dark hole along the McCain's waterline on the left rear portion of the ship.

A Navy official said earlier the McCain was fighting flooding in several places and had limited propulsion and electrical power.

No fuel or oil was seen on the water near the ship, which is now steaming under its own power to Changi Naval Base in Singapore, the Navy said.

Military experts said the latest incident, which comes after seven US sailors aboard the USS Fitzgerald died in a collision off the coast of Japan in June, calls into question the Navy's training and will likely lead to a serious shake-up among the Navy's leadership.