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The acceleration is particularly intense on the U.S. East Coast, especially for Virginia and North Carolina.

Some measurements suggest that in those locations sea levels are rising three times more quickly than the worldwide average.

There are several reasons for this, including a sinking of the land, caused in part by the removal of groundwater.

Due to complex ocean currents, the water level is also higher in this area than elsewhere, and the addition of freshwater to the North Atlantic from Greenland ice melt accelerates this dynamic, explains Larry Atkinson, a professor of oceanography at Old Dominion

University who wasn’t involved in the paper.

“Based on robust estimates of the melting of the Greenland ice sheet...maybe it’s from the surface melting and also the discharge of the ice gradually into the ocean,” Zhang said.
Tendrils of ice-covered brine, or brinicles, leak from sea ice near East Antarctica’s Dumont d’Urville Station. 

Antarctic marine life has been largely isolated from the rest of the planet for tens of millions of years, ever since the continent separated from the other continents and froze over.

Since then the powerful Antarctic Circumpolar Current has swirled from west to east around Antarctica, creating a sharp temperature gradient that inhibits the spread of marine animals.

The long isolation has allowed a tremendous diversity of species, unique to the region, to evolve on the seafloor.

The waters under Antarctic ice are like Mount Everest: magical, but so hostile that you have to be sure of your desire before you go.

The demands are too great, but that’s what makes the images you see here unprecedented, and the experience of having taken them and of having seen this place so unforgettable.