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After losing her engagement ring on her family farm more than a decade ago, Canadian Mary Grams resigned herself to the idea she would never see it again.

That is, until the diamond ring showed up this week – 13 years after she lost it –wrapped tightly around a misshapen carrot that had been freshly plucked from the garden.

The 84-year-old said she likely lost the ring as she was pulling a large weed from her farm in central Alberta in 2004, prompting a frantic search.

At that point she had been wearing the ring for more than half a century, ever since her husband-to-be, Norman, had given it to her in 1951.

This week, Grams – surrounded by her family in her home in Camrose, Alberta – sliced carefully into the carrot, gently easing the ring off and washing it.

 She giggled as the long-lost ring easily slipped on to her finger.