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More than half the supermarket products marketed at kids are unhealthy, new obesity research has revealed.

The Obesity Policy Coalition surveyed 186 packaged foods with cartoons or characters designed to attract children.

They found 52 per cent were classified as unhealthy by the Food Standards Australia, New Zealand.

"It's extremely frustrating to see cartoons and animations being used to lure children and create pester power to push parents into buying unhealthy products for kids."

Kellogg's spokesman Derek Lau said the research insinuated that parents have less influence on their kids than a cartoon "which is hugely discrediting to what parents decide to choose or don't choose for their kids."

Lau said that cereals contribute 4 per cent of the total sugar intake for Kiwi kids and 75 per cent of Kelloggs cereals had four health stars or above.
The next generation of vegan burgers, which promises to bleed and sizzle like real ground beef, is taking another step toward the mainstream.

Beyond Meat, whose investors include billionaire Bill Gates and food giants General Mills Inc. and Tyson Foods Inc., will begin distributing its plant-based vegan burgers in more than 280 Safeway supermarkets in California, Hawaii and Nevada, according to the company.

The Beyond Burger, as the product is known, hit the market last year, but to this point it’s only been available at Whole Foods locations and a handful of restaurants.

At Safeway, the burgers will appear in the meat case, an attempt to go directly after traditional beef eaters.

Beyond Meat and competitor Impossible Foods have created buzz in foodie circles with vegan burgers that they argue will help wean average Americans off meat.