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The site sits in top of a small dune, one block back from the sea on the Kapiti Coast.

The client’s interest in modernist architecture, combined with 270 degree views was the basis of the brief which included 3 to 4 bedrooms and plenty of external deck areas.

The site is buffeted by different weather conditions throughout the year so it was important to design a number of external spaces that could be enjoyed for a number of uses throughout the year.

These include a covered area off the dining room, an un-covered area off the lounge, a full roof deck and a ground level external kids area.

The material and colour palette is intentionally recessive given the beauty of the surroundings.

Dark-stained rusticated, bandsawn cedar weatherboards form the cladding and complement the smooth, dark and angular engineered beams and posts.
Bangkok-based practice NitaProw has used the dismantled structure of a house boat to create this window-covered shop for an organic beauty brand in a lush garden setting in the city.

The practice was asked to create a multi-purpose space that preserved any existing trees on site and that matched the minimalistic aesthetic of the brand's products.

Its interior plays host to a cylinder-shaped white mezzanine, which the architects said is intended to offer visitors "a privileged view, a hint of intimacy and playfulness".

Just below the elevated space is a pantry area where food is prepared for the cafe.

On the ceiling, beams of wood intersect in a criss-cross pattern to emulate the slender, moving forms of palm trees that can be seen at Patom's organic farm.

The wooden posts on the store's ceiling and those that form the building's frame are made from reclaimed redwood, taken from an abandoned houseboat that once belonged to Patom's owner.
One of the most iconic landmarks in the United States, the Chicago River stands as the lifeblood of this American city.

Profoundly contributing to the economic development of the city in its early history, the river has emerged as a contemporary symbol of Chicago’s national and global prominence.

Following the dissipation of Chicago’s river-based industries, the city has been hard at work to reclaim the banks along the river for its inhabitants.

In 2016, one of the most ambitious projects was completed by Chicago firm Ross Barney Architects: the Chicago Riverwalk, a one-and-a-quarter-mile stretch between Lake Michigan and the river’s north and south branches.

Ross Barney Architects aimed to transform the riverbank into “the city’s living room; an urban counterpoint to Chicago’s front yard, Grant Park.”
Patkau architects has designed a private museum in Canada, which houses the personal art collection of home-builder and philanthropist Michael Audain. 

Located in Whistler, a resort town north of Vancouver, the 56,000 square foot institution traces a visual record of British Columbia from the late 18th century to the present day.

The Audain art museum includes a globally recognized selection of old first nation masks, a collection of emily carr paintings, and works by significant post-war canadian artists as well as internationally regarded contemporary creatives.

The configuration of the Audain art museum directly responds to a set of specific determinants, which directly influenced patkau architects’ design. 

The first requirement was that the building should house both the permanent exhibition from Michael Audain’s collection as well as wide-ranging temporary exhibits from canada and around the World.

The other criteria relate to the geographic location of the site, which, although surrounded by evergreen forest vegetation, is located within a floodplain and receives enormous snowfall each year.