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Scientists have solved the puzzle of the so-called "Frankenstein dinosaur", which seems to consist of body parts from unrelated species.

A new study suggests that it is in fact the missing link between plant-eating dinosaurs, such as Stegosaurus, and carnivorous dinosaurs, like T. rex.

The finding provides fresh insight on the evolution of the group of dinos known as the ornithischians.

Matthew Baron, a PhD student at Cambridge University, told BBC News that his assessment indicated that the Frankenstein dinosaur was one of the very first ornithischians, a group that included familiar beasts such as the horned Triceratops, and Stegosaurus which sported an array of bony plates along its back.

"We had absolutely no idea how the ornithischian body plan started to develop because they look so different to all the other dinosaurs. They have so many unusual features," the Cambridge scientist said.

"In the 130 years since the ornithischian group was first recognised, we have never had any concept of how the first ones could have looked until now."
The Yankees didn’t get lucky Saturday — but two of their straphanger fans did.

The pair of hot-and-bothered Bombers buddies were filmed grinding away on a No. 5 train after their team’s blowout loss to the Boston Red Sox, according to video posted on Instagram by SubwayCreatures.

The couple’s clothes remained on — but that didn’t stop the woman from thrusting into the man’s crotch.

They seemed to have reached the heights of passion just as the train pulled into Grand Central Terminal.

The automated subway message could be heard telling riders they could transfer to a No. 4, 6 or 7 train.

“Making up for a huge Yankee loss,” SubwayCreatures nonchalantly observed.
Last week, as HBO investigated a cyberattack on its own systems, an unaired episode of its hit show “Game of Thrones” appeared online following an unrelated breach at a pay-TV partner in India.

In April, when 10 episodes of Netflix Inc.’s “Orange Is the New Black” leaked, the incident was traced to a contractor.

Cybercrime is a growing problem for many industries, but Hollywood is especially vulnerable because of the long chain of people who work on a show or movie in post-production, experts say.

Studios rely on an army of freelancers for everything from special effects to musical scores, creating a vast network of targets for hackers.

Larson Studios didn’t respond to a request for comment, while a Netflix official said only that the company is “constantly working to improve our security.”
Walt Disney Co. will launch two Netflix-like streaming services — one for sports and another for films and television shows — in one of the boldest moves by an entertainment company to address the changing media landscape.

The stand-alone subscription services would appeal to younger audiences who are turning away from traditional media and flocking to Netflix and other digital platforms.

The ESPN service, which would be available next year, is expected to feature 10,000 sporting events annually, among them Major League Baseball games.

The Disney-branded film and TV offering, set to debut in 2019, would include original content developed by Walt Disney Studios.

The move comes at a time of growing unease in Hollywood about the rising clout of Netflix, which has siphoned viewers from linear television and changed consumer habits — threatening conventional business models.

Until recently, studios have been happy to license their television shows and movies to Netflix, reaping big checks.
In March, the Beastie Boys reached a settlement with the US toy company GoldieBlox over the latter’s parody of their song Girls in a viral advert.

Now the details of that settlement have been published.

GoldieBlox agreed to pay $1m to a charity of the band’s choice supporting science, technology, engineering and/or maths (STEM) education for girls, in return for a backdated licence to use the track in the ad, which was a YouTube hit in November 2013.

The settlement will not be used as evidence in the new case after a complaint from Monster, which is accused of using several Beastie Boys songs in a 2012 snowboarding video without approval from the band.

The GoldieBlox video, which reworked the original sexist lyrics of Girls to focus on encouraging girls to explore STEM subjects, was watched 8m times in a week last November, before sparking lawsuits from both sides and a debate over whether the video's use of the song was "fair use" or not.
The baby cow, named Genie, was born on Friday at a ranch in Kerrville, Texas, and even likes to stick out its tongue like the rocker.

Hill Country Visitor, a tourism agency that promotes the region of Texas Hill, shared the image on Facebook, joking that Simmons could be the father.

Simmons himself was delighted, tweeting: "This is real, folks!!!"

The bovine doppelgänger's markings quickly drew comparisons to Simmons, who is famous for his long tongue and black-and-white face paint.

Genie was born on a ranch kept by the family of Heather Taccetta, who works at a local steak house.

"Obviously, we can't serve this fine specimen," Hill Country Visitor wrote.
Netflix has given a 20-episode pickup to the Matt Groening animated comedy “Disenchantment.”

“Broad City’s” Abbi Jacobson is on board for the voice cast along with Nat Faxon and Eric Andre.

The series from the creator of “The Simpsons” and “Futurama” is described as an adult fantasy about a crumbling medieval kingdom known as Dreamland.

The central character is a hard-drinking princess Bean, her elf companion Elfo and her “personal demon” Luci.

The first 10 episodes are targeted to premiere next year.

“‘Disenchantment’ will be about life and death, love and sex, and how to keep laughing in a world full of suffering and idiots, despite what the elders and wizards and other jerks tell you,” Groening said.
Wonder Woman actress, Gal Gadot proved that she truly is the DC heroine when meeting a fan at San Diego Comic Con this weekend.

The girl, who was dressed as the Amazonian Princess, had queued up to meet Gadot and the other cast members of the forthcoming Justice League movie.

What could have been a regular fan and star interaction turned into something special when Gadot noticed how emotionally overwhelmed the girl was.

They say that you should never met your heroes but this proves to be an exception to that rule.
You never know what you're going to witness when attending a panel at San Diego Comic Con.

Fans are often expecting footage, announcements, logos, or photos from their favorite movies and TV shows but during the Kingsman: The Golden Circle they got a little something extra.

After introducing the newcomers to the Kingsman franchise, the actors who will be playing the Statesman, a shot of Statesman bourbon was poured out for each cast member. 

Halle Berry, however, got a full pint poured for her by Channing Tatum.

Of course, a "Chug!" chant ensued and Berry was up for the challenge.
Chester Bennington, the lead singer of the rock band Linkin Park, was found dead Thursday according to a spokesman for the LA County Coroner.

He was 41.

The coroner’s office was called out to a home in Palos Verdes Estates shortly after 9 a.m. Thursday.

Authorities said they were treating the case as a possible suicide.

Bennington’s band found success in 2000 with their album “Hybrid Theory” with Bennington’s heartfelt vocals leading the way.

That voice, it turned out, was fueled by anguish.