Two Terrible Lumberjacks Cause A Lot Of Damage After Chopping Down This Tree

Cutting down trees is tricky business. It looks simple on the outside, but you have to be so careful to cut at the right angles with just the right amount of pressure to ensure that the trunk falls safely.

That's pretty much the opposite of what these two guys did! The pair chopped down a tree quite carelessly, without really seeming to have any plan whatsoever. So, nobody can be surprised then the gigantic trunk falls straight onto a nearby home, completely shattering the roof in the process. Fortunately, their huge fail was caught on camera for all the world to see.

Here we see the two guys mindlessly sawing away.

They just keep on sawing, until eventually the trunk gives way.

And falls straight onto a nearby home.

What do they do next? They look at each other, pack up their stuff and head for the road, as if they're hoping to make a getaway!

Check out the whole scene in the video below.