This Tamagotchi-Style Phone Charger Is Every 90s Kid's Dream

If there's one item that really sums up the 90s, it might be the Tamagotchi. Those little handheld digital pets were all the rage and are still talked about to this day. As any 90s kid will tell you, if you never had a Tamagotchi, you haven't lived.

Well, now we can relive the fun with this super cool Tamagotchi-style phone charger! You don't need to worry about feeding or playing with this little device, simply hook it up to your phone and watch the battery charge right back up. It's a great little gadget and, just like the original Tamagotchi, fits right in your pocket. In fact, it comes with all the good aspects of the classic toy (portability, cuteness, retro factor) without any of the problems (constantly having to check to see if the little pet is still alive, as well as playing with it and feeding it all the time!). In all honesty, this thing is better than a Tamagotchi! Check it out!