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More than 2,500 advertisers have reportedly stopped advertising on right-wing news website Breitbart News in recent months, underscoring the swelling power of a grassroots campaign to boycott the platform, especially amid escalating political tensions in the US.

According to a tweet by Sleeping Giants, a campaign group aiming to pressure companies into cutting ties with media they deem to be racist or sexist, the number of advertisers that have ceased advertising is “climbing towards 2,600”.

Breitbart gained prominence as a deeply divisive mouthpiece for many supporters of US President Donald Trump ahead of last year’s election. 

In February, Milo Yiannopoulos, a senior editor and well known figurehead for the site, was forced to resign his position after remarks surfaced in which he seemed to condone paedophilia.

On Friday, Steve Bannon, known for his nationalist views, returned to head up the site.

He had been executive chairman until August last year before taking a leave of absence to serve as chief strategist to Mr Trump.
The Catholic Church and British local authorities have been accused of using a legal loophole to avoid paying compensation to victims of child sex abuse.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, a government agency, has denied some children financial settlements because it said the victims had “consented” to the abuse, a group of charities has warned.

Lawyers representing victims have warned that this line of defence is becoming increasingly common.

One case that the charity Victim Support brought attention to involved a 12-year-old girl who was given alcohol, brought into woodland and then sexually assaulted by a 21-year-old male.

The girl was denied compensation because she had “voluntarily” gone into the woods with the man.
Ultra-right wing news site Breitbart landed itself in hot water on Sunday after it was found to have posted an article about human traffickers in Spain with a picture of World Cup champion Lukas Podolski.

The article, published on Friday by Breitbart London entitled "Spanish Police Crack Gang Moving Migrants on Jet-Skis," discussed a group of smugglers who charged refugees 5,000 euros (approximately 5,900 USD) to bring them from Morocco to Spain via jet-ski.

The article's main image included a picture of a smiling Podolski flashing a peace sign on the back of a jet-ski with another man.

The picture, which shows Podolski wearing the German national team's uniform underneath his life jacket, was taken in 2014 during the World Cup in Brazil.

On Sunday, Breitbart switched out the picture after the original post sparked outrage, and more than a few jokes, on social media.

The far-right website also posted an apology in the form of an editor's note at the bottom of the article.
An actor was stabbed to death on Friday evening while he was out walking with his wife in their New York City neighborhood, the New York Post reports.

Christina Romero Carroll, 41, told the newspaper that she and her 42-year-old husband George Carroll had passed two men on school steps in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint area.

“It was basically, ‘What are you looking at?’” Romero Carroll recalled one of the men saying, “And my husband — he’s a Texan — he’s like, ‘I’m looking.’”

The widow claimed to the Post: “They got into it, they were chasing him, my husband ran and threw his phone at them to try to defend himself.”

George Carroll was stabbed by one man and taken to a hospital, where he was declared dead, police told WPIX.

Romero Carroll told the TV station, “I can't believe I am talking about my husband in the past tense.”
Police caught and arrested an Israeli teenager suspected of taking part in an assault against two off-duty soldiers and a teenage civilian Friday night in a public park in Pardes Hanna — reportedly because they mistook them for being Arab.

According to police, a 16-year-old resident of Pardes Hanna took part in an assault by a group of youths against the two soldiers, who are from the Golani and Kfir Brigades and live in the nearby town of Rosh Ha’ayin.

The soldiers were sitting in a park with a young woman and a 17-year-old male.

The assailants reportedly beat the soldiers with a hookah pipe and other blunt objects.

The victims were treated at Hadera’s Hillel Yaffe Medical Center for injuries, including to their face, before being released.

According to Israel Radio, the soldiers were too scared to call the police following the incident, and it was only after the father of one of the soldiers learned his son was in the hospital that the police got involved and opened an investigation.
A higher number of US and Canadian diplomats and their families are believed to have been attacked by a mystery sonic weapon in Havana than was initially reported, CNN has learned from two senior US government officials.

More than 10 US diplomats and family members received treatment after the months of harassing attacks, which began in mid-November 2016 and stopped this spring, said the US officials, who did not want to be identified because of the sensitive nature of the attacks and ongoing investigation.

Two US diplomats who were treated in the United States suffered long-term injuries including hearing loss as a result of the attacks and were unable to return to Cuba, three US government sources told CNN.

Additional diplomats opted to leave their assignments in Cuba early, as a result of the harassment, the two US government officials told CNN.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said despite the incidents and staffing changes, the US Embassy in Havana is "fully operational."

In June, five Canadian diplomats and family members reported experiencing symptoms consistent with the attacks, the US government officials told CNN, which would mean further attacks were carried out at the same time Cuban officials were investigating the incidents.
Far-right website Breitbart has apologized after it used a photograph of German soccer star Lukas Podolski riding on the back of a jet-ski to illustrate a story on human trafficking. 

The article ran Aug. 18 — the same day Steve Bannon was ousted from the White House and reportedly returned to the helm of the site.

Podolski's image appeared under the headline, "Spanish police crack gang moving migrants on jet-skis."

Podolski was shown flashing a peace sign while riding on the back of a jet-ski.

The photo of Podolski on the jet-ski showed him in Brazil after Germany had won the World Cup in 2014, not in the Strait of Gibraltar as reported by Breitbart, according to The Independent.

Podolski announced his retirement from Germany's national team in August 2016.
A man who was decked by a coward punch while on a night out in Sydney, and said he feared for his life, was rescued by a trio of unlikely saviours.

Ivan Flinn, 34, from Surry Hills, said that during the attack earlier this month he hoped someone would come to his rescue, and help did arrive but not in the form he expected.

“I am a bit religious and I really thought I was going to die, I was praying for a hero and I got three angels,” he said.

Those “angels” were three drag queens by the names of Coco Jumbo, Ivy Leaguee and Vybe, who stepped in after a night performing on the stages in Sydney’s neighbourhood of Darlinghurst, known for its large gay population and venues.

Luke Karakia, who performs under the name Ivy Leaguee, ended up getting injured scuffling in the middle of the road with one of the alleged attackers, but nevertheless, his frocked-up alter ego didn’t think twice before stepping in.

Mr Flinn is so grateful to the three for racing in to his rescue he’s helped raise $1000 to help them pay for their wigs and high heels that were damaged in the fracas.
Sweden's center-left minority government said on Wednesday it had agreed with two opposition parties to boost military spending in the 2018 budget as the country faces increased tension with Russia in the Baltics.

Sweden's armed forces will get around 2 billion crowns ($250 million) extra in the 2018 budget and around 6 billion crowns during the 2018-2020 period in the deal between the Social Democrat and Green party coalition and the opposition Moderate and Centre parties, Swedish Radio reported.

Sweden's military has said it needs the money to rebuild its strength after years of under investment and greater demands on its operational capabilities.

The armed forces called for 9 billion crowns in extra spending during 2017-2020 period.

Sweden has reintroduced conscription and restored troops to the strategically key Baltic island of Gotland as it looks to bolster its defenses.

It has also been drawing closer to NATO, although the government has ruled out becoming a member of the alliance.
Ten US Navy sailors are missing after a US Navy guided-missile destroyer collided with an oil tanker east of Singapore early Monday, the fourth accident in Asian waters involving a US warship in 2017.

The Navy's 7th Fleet said the USS John S. McCain collided with the merchant vessel Alnic MC at 5:24 am local time, while the destroyer was making its way to a port visit in Singapore.

Images from Reuters news agency on Monday afternoon showed a huge, dark hole along the McCain's waterline on the left rear portion of the ship.

A Navy official said earlier the McCain was fighting flooding in several places and had limited propulsion and electrical power.

No fuel or oil was seen on the water near the ship, which is now steaming under its own power to Changi Naval Base in Singapore, the Navy said.

Military experts said the latest incident, which comes after seven US sailors aboard the USS Fitzgerald died in a collision off the coast of Japan in June, calls into question the Navy's training and will likely lead to a serious shake-up among the Navy's leadership.