'Rocket League' Is Soccer's Beautiful Video Game

"This is soccer in its purest form: a game of ball-handling skill and athleticism, that just happens to involve a car."

Lords Of Catan

The surprising stars of the board game that's taken over the world.

Inside Epic’s Incredible First Attempt At Real VR Gaming

As Oculus prepares for its consumer launch in 2016, the big question is whether VR is actually here. But we’ve been asking that question for so long that it’s starting to feel irrelevant. Yes, it’s here. The bigger question is this: does Epic (or any other company) have any idea what it should look like?

Inside The VR Designs Of Rick And Morty Co-Creator Justin Roiland

“Nothing compares to my excitement for this new medium,” says Roiland. “And I want in, and I want to create experiences I can play, and I want to play experiences other people create, and I want to transport people to other worlds. And this is something that I am taking very, very, seriously and I’m overwhelmingly passionate about.”

'Grand Theft Auto V,' As Reviewed By Significant Others

By now, everyone’s read reviews of "Grand Theft Auto V" from people who have played it. So we thought we’d bring you some reviews from people who haven’t.

Could War Games Bring World Peace?

In the spring of 1964, as fighting escalated in Vietnam, several dozen of the most powerful men in Washington gathered to play a game.

Sex: The Kotaku Review

If you’re already a fan of Sex — and there are plenty of you out there — you probably don’t need this review. But if you find yourself on the fence about whether to try this much-heralded, much-argued-over activity, pull up a chair! We’ve got a lot to discuss.

Why Television Failed To Tap The Video Game Market

Video games and television have never got on particularly well, largely because for the longest time there was very little overlap between video game enthusiasts and television commissioners.