How The Game Industry’s Best Teams Make Box Art

Using four recognizable covers as examples, Polygon recently tracked down artists, developers and publisher representatives to explain why individual covers look the way they do, how they come together and what different shapes they take before finally reaching customers.

The Communist Computer Club For Kids

To my left, a preteen is playing a pirated version of "Halo." To the right, another is playing "World of Warcraft" on what seems to be, but is not, the Internet. In the other room, there's a guy checking his profile on a Cuba-only Facebook knockoff.

The Technological Alt-History Of 'Metal Gear Solid'

Game designer Hideo Kojima has always been something of a futurist, even when his games are set in the past. Take his most famous creation, the espionage-themed "Metal Gear series."

How Classic Videogame Soundtracks Went From Background Noise To Cratedigger Gold

Digital composers of the 1990s pushed the console tech far beyond its natural limits to produce warped symphonies that are buried deep in the minds of millions. Now specialist labels are reissuing them on vinyl.

The Best Way To Spot Great Racing Drivers? Video Games

The next time you’re about to scold your kid—or spouse — for spending too much time playing video games instead of enjoying the sunny weather, consider this: They could be preparing for a career in motorsports.

I'm In Love With A Cam Girl

What’s a guy to do when he’s fallen for a cam girl? Should he confess? Or is he fooling himself?

The Voice Of 'Dota 2'

One Australian's big adventure inside Valve's most popular game.

What's Mavis Beacon Up To These Days? Nothing. She's Fake

It might blow your mind to learn that there was never a living, breathing human being named Mavis Beacon, and that you learned to type from an emotionless robot with a human face slapped on it.

Remembering The True Legacy Of 'Gears Of War'

War with aliens isn’t bad-ass. It’s sad and lonely and probably hopeless.

Watch A Livestream Of The Pokémon World Championships

Do you want to watch the very best? The best that ever was? These players have traveled across the land, searching far and wide for the best. From Noon to 7:30 tonight, watch the best "Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire" players battle each other in a quest to literally become the world's best Pokémon trainer. Then, from 7:30 to 10:00 watch the best "Pokémon Trading Card Game" players duel for the same title.