How Video Games Are Changing The Way Soccer Is Played

Games like FIFA that were designed to reflect the sport’s reality have helped alter it, influencing professional players and front offices.

The Search For Virtual Reality's Killer App

A list of the challenges faced by virtual-reality developers offers hints of what a killer VR app or game might look like.

It’s Time For Videogames To Embrace The Power Of Failure Again

As we move into the busiest season of the year for gaming, I’m beginning to suspect that videogames are developing a serious problem: They’re scared to let you fail.

Why Game Trailers Never Show The Actual Game

It’s hard to sell a product that doesn’t exist... yet.

What Makes 'Tetris' So Darn Addictive

No characters. No crazy effects. There really isn't all that much to "Tetris" and, yet, it is one of the best-selling video games of all time. Born out of humble beginnings in a Soviet computer lab, what is it about this game that makes it so beloved?

Inside Portland's Competitive Pinball Scene

Portland has arguably the greatest pinball scene in the world, and tournaments like the one at Ground Kontrol host some of the best players in the game.

The Impossibly Complex Art Of Designing Eyes

Today's video game characters look amazing, with one exception: the eyes. And perfection could still be decades away.

Why 'Overwatch' Fans Are Obsessed With 'Shipping' Its Female Characters

A sizable portion of this content centers specifically around the women characters, who are, in the fandom’s eyes, all totally dating and kissing each other.

Why The Videogame Culture Wars Won’t Die

Some of video gaming's most ardent fans are acting like the medium's gatekeepers, virulently shunning any game that doesn't fit their very specific criteria — mostly dudebros with guns, swords and muscles.

Game Developer Seemingly Hacks Dude's Game While He's Streaming

Tom Fawkes was just playing a game of "Clustertruck" when developer Landfall Games apparently hacked his game and then messed with him by speeding things up or turning the trucks into God Trucks. Videogames, ya'll.

Why Young Men Would Rather Play Video Games Than Get A Job

“When I play a game, I know if I have a few hours I will be rewarded,” he said. “With a job, it’s always been up in the air with the amount of work I put in and the reward.”