Why So Many People Are Yelling About 'Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3'

It never seemed clear that 'Dead or Alive Xtreme 3,' a brand-new entry in the sexy fantasy spin-off series, would leave Japan. But when publisher Koei Tecmo made one poorly translated comment on Facebook about why it wasn’t happening, the Internet exploded into another heated debate over censorship.

Here Are The First Screenshots From The 'System Shock' Remake

"System Shock: Enhanced Edition" launched in September, but developer Night Dive Studios was not content to just stop there.

How ChefSteps And Gabe Newell Plan To Transform Sous Vide Cooking

This is the story of how a video game mogul, an airplane engineer, a scientist, a designer, and a bunch of chefs developed a new immersion circulator designed for sous vide cooking. They named it Joule.

XKCD Made A Massive, Exploratory Hoverboard Game

To celebrate the release of his new book "Thing Explainer," XKCD creator Randall Munroe created a huge world for you to explore on your hoverboard. Good luck finding all the coins (and nerd references!)

The User Interface Of 'Fallout 4' Is Truly Terrible

You’ll spend a lot of "Fallout 4" fighting irradiated super mutants, giant killer cockroaches, and deadly cyborgs. You’ll spend just as much time fighting the game’s awful user interface.