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Gameplay Footage Of The 'Star Wars Battlefront' Closed Alpha

Alpha testing recently started on "Star Wars Battlefront," and from what we understand, the selected testers were made to sign NDAs and forbidden from uploading or streaming gameplay. Clearly, that hasn't stopped anyone, and new footage is being uploaded just as fast as EA takes it down.

'VR Is Going To Yield This Staggering Orgasm Of The New'

Unity CEO John Riccitiello on the company's role in building a market for VR software, and why he's no fan of the "sour grapes" offered by the cynics.

A Horror Game Hidden In The Darkest Corners Of The Internet

The internet is a vast, unknowable place. The parts you and I interact with on a daily basis are a very small sliver of what’s actually floating around out there. The web can go deep, and it can get dark.

'Call Of Duty' Storytelling: The Past, Present And Future Of Black Ops

During E3 earlier this month, I sat down with studio head Mark Lamia and Jason Blundell, the single-player campaign director for "Black Ops 3," to discuss the future of narrative in Call of Duty games from the studio.

How Tamagotchi Rose From The Dead To Join The Internet Of Things

Here’s a Hot Topic product primed to make ‘90s kids scratch their heads and ask, “What year is it?” Tamagotchis are back.

This Old GPU Ad Burns Console Gamers

A reddit user stumbled upon this old ad for 3dfx, a now-defunct graphics card manufacturer and former expert in the wants and needs of women.

Warner Bros. Knew That 'Arkham Knight' For The PC Was A Mess For Months

You can’t buy "Batman: Arkham Knight" for the PC right now. Warner Bros. pulled it from digital and physical shelves last week, after players found that the PC version had critical performance issues. From what sources tell Kotaku, however, this shouldn’t have been a surprise for Warner Bros.