Drug Testing Is Coming To E-Gaming

Flouting rules for performance-enhancing drugs has felled some of the biggest names in sports. Now that list could include competitive video game players after one professional gamer boasted that he, his teammates and other e-sports competitors took prescription drugs to help them focus in a competition.

Nintendo In Iwata's Words

If Iwata was Nintendo's Great Oz, this was one case where the man wielding the levers is not the inverse of his mythic stature, a tiny shriveled thing hiding behind manufactured bombast; the reality may be that Iwata was even greater than the stories we know. Here he is speaking about games, loyalty, tradition, empathy, and the future.

World's Largest e-Sports Group To Start Drug Testing In Wake Of Adderall Scandal

It's not just traditional sports that have to worry about performance-enhancing drugs. In the wake of an ongoing controversy surrounding the abuse of Adderall by e-sports players, the Electronic Sports League has said that it will introduce policies to keep drugs out of virtual sports.

That Insipid 'Pixels' Movie Is Based On This Significantly Better Short From 2010

Five years ago (approximately 60 years in Internet time), Patrick Jean shot a bunch of footage in our dear home of New York City and added some slick, 8-bit inspired effects over it. It was — and is — a cool, clever bit of graphics work that's now being made into a terrible-looking film. Save yourself the price of admission and rewatch this classic short.

Evo 2015's Comebacks, Or The Growing Significance Of The Crowd In eSports

Crowds have always been a major element of traditional, physical sports, but the concept of an audience has only recently become as significant to digital games in the way we know it today.

How Wyrmwood Created A Luxury Role-Playing Product And Launched The Perfect Kickstarter

The Wyrmwood Magnetic Dice Tower System is an odd Kickstarter. The campaign still has days to go, but I'm already holding one of the finished products in my hands. It's beautiful.

Fake Road Trippin' Through Europe In A Computer-Generated Truck

"Euro Truck Simulator 2" (or, as its buddies call it, ETS2) is made by a Czech company called SCS Software, and it’s pretty much what it sounds like — a simulation game in which you drive a truck around Europe. You start out with a dream and not much else, working as a trucker-for-hire for companies that want to ship dry milk from Duisburg to Dortmund or lumber from Germany to France.

Scrabble Champ Wins French Tournament After Memorizing French Dictionary

Yesterday morning, Nigel Richards was considered the greatest English-speaking Scrabble player in the world. Today, he is also perhaps the best French-speaking Scrabble player in the world, the only problem being that he can't speak French.

VR's First Big Hit Could Be This Simple Soccer Game

What VR really needs is a “Wii Sports” moment: An accessible, family-friendly game that shows what’s different about VR and what makes it so much fun. Enter "Headmaster".

The Art Of Video Game Photography

Low ammunition is keeping us cautious, but one person in our squad is getting trigger happy. He’s a completely different kind of shooter, a documentarian. He’s an in-game photographer, our virtual Robert Capa.

Judge Approves $60M Settlement In EA Sports And NCAA Lawsuits, Players To Be Paid Soon

A federal judge approved the $60 million combined settlement in lawsuits against the NCAA, Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) and publisher Electronic Arts yesterday, paving the way for student-athletes to finally get paid for appearances in college football and basketball video games.

Meet The Doctor Who Is Saving ESports Careers

You might not think of eSports players as athletes, and you might not think of them as taking part in a high-risk activity. But the fact is that many of them are getting hurt, and they need help.

'Her Story' Is A Compelling Murder Mystery With A Tragic Flaw

This mystery where you solve a crime with a search engine is brilliantly made — but it has one big problem.