Digimon Breeding Is So Complicated, I Had To Make Spreadsheets

While a bit time consuming, it was relatively easy for me to get the digimon I wanted in "Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth." In the new game, "Digimon World: Next Order," it’s a whole lot more complicated. Like, “get your spreadsheets ready” complicated.

The Contentious Debate Over Whether To Make 'Hyper Light Drifter' Easier

Since release, the developers have tried to patch the game to appease both audiences, but it’s been a challenge.

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The boom in pro video gaming is fueled by $2.3 billion in online bets.

How Can A First-Person Shooter Have A Victim Complex?

How "Call Of Duty" reflects a false national identity.

Microsoft Will Stop Producing The Xbox 360

In a Tuesday blog post, Xbox head Phil Spencer said Microsoft has decided to stop manufacturing the gaming console which first debuted a decade ago.

New 'Twilight Zone' Reboot Will Be Interactive, Made By BioShock Director Ken Levine

The critically acclaimed game creator says he’ll write and direct an interactive live-action film based on the classic sci-fi anthology series, one that will “explore the spaces between movies and games.”

It’s Time For Microsoft To Turn The Xbox Into A PC

The Xbox One is currently a Jack of all trades. It's time to master a few of them.