My Toxic 'World of Warcraft' Relationship

I was addicted. I was a champion online but in reality I had stopped showering, eating right, and was consumed by self-loathing. I played 13 hours every day without putting on pants. Before long I walked into a toxic in-game relationship that embodied my damaging addiction to the game.

The 'GTA V' Players Who Spent Years Hunting Cut Content

Over the years, players have tried to examine nearly every pixel of "GTA V." These super fans have found hidden symbols, UFOs, a memorial, and even Bigfoot. While those secrets are cool, Rockstar always intended for fans to find them. Los Santos hides even more, if you know where to look.

Does 'No Man's Sky' Live Up To The Hype? Here's What The Reviews Say

"No Man's Sky" is a simple game that promises much: Here is a galaxy of 18 quadrillion planets. Here is a spaceship. Go explore. Will you get lost in this near-infinite galaxy? Or will this digital cosmos leave you feeling cold, empty and bored?

Bootleg 'Pokémon Go' App Is The Stuff Of Satan's Nightmares

While Niantic keeps fucking around and accidentally making "Pokémon Go" worse, other developers are making things worse, on purpose.

The Privacy Scandal Haunting The CEO Behind 'Pokémon Go'

"Pokémon Go" is run by a man whose team literally drove one of the greatest privacy debacles of the internet era, in which Google vehicles, in the course of photographing neighborhoods for Street View, secretly copied sensitive digital traffic from home networks.

The Wild West Of E-Sports Stats

The all-digital world of multiplayer online battle arena gaming should be the perfect petri dish for data analysis. As the popularity and profitability of the genre continue to soar, however, the statistical revolution is surprisingly struggling to keep pace.

'Pokémon Go' Is A Bad Game

The game is a sprinkle of dumb luck with a heart-stopping dose of relentless grind, and the latter only gets worse the longer you play.