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From flower girls in appliquéd high-tops to an inspired jean jacket, cotton tank top, tulle skirt and PVC pumps mashup, this was not your average Oscar de la Renta bridal show.

For spring ’18, newly minted co-designers Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia reworked the wedding-wardrobe playbook to charming, fresh effect. Shoes also walked the line between the house’s vaunted elegance and a welcome modernity. Like the gowns and smart pantsuits on display, styles were crisp and erred on the side of simplicity.

Pointed-toe pumps had high-shine PVC inserts at the side and thin piping. They mimicked a d’Orsay shape and were a sharp finishing touch to jumpsuit looks. The standard stiletto sandal was done in a pared-down asymmetrical snaking-strap version.

Abbreviated or intermission hemlines offered a peek at many of the footwear options in the collection. But the littlest ones in white stole the show, in either flora-embellished sneakers or adorable Mary Janes.
A brave breast cancer survivor wed her fiancé just moments before they both ran the London Marathon last weekend.

Jackie Scully, 35, and her 36-year-old partner Duncan Sloan got married at 7.30am on Sunday before they embarked on the 26.2 mile race together as man and wife, Stylist reports.

Jackie even wore a specially crafted bridal gown, complete with veil, as she completed the epic run.

The couple, who are the first to ever get married on the morning of the marathon and then complete the event, got engaged just three weeks before Jackie's diagnosis with an aggressive form of breast cancer.

Explaining their reason for foregoing a traditional wedding in favour of a very special celebration, Jackie revealed to Stylist that the couple had wanted to give something back to the charities that had supported her during her illness.

'Wedding planning turned to surgery planning, and the whole experience could have ripped us apart had it not been for the incredible Willow Foundation and Breast Cancer Care,' she said.

The generous-hearted couple decided to forgo a traditional celebration in order to raise money for the charities that supported Jackie through her treatment.
In the 15th century, Archduke Maximillian of Austria gifted his fiancée the world’s first diamond engagement ring, though the expensive practice did not initially spread among the general population, said Coontz, who is also the director of research at the Council on Contemporary Families. Since then, the national average price for an engagement ring reached $6,163. But for some, the diamond engagement ring is losing its luster.

Slowly, some people are changing those traditions. Same-sex marriages, for example, have fewer established customs, so people are free to create more of their own. Skipping the engagement ring doesn’t always mean skipping symbols of commitment.

While relationships have changed tremendously in the past decades and centuries, the engagement ring has been among the last relationship markers to evolve. Engagement rings also served as a status symbol during a time when the average woman got married before 21. As far as marking the commitment in a relationship, living together has become the de facto engagement ring. About a third more U.S. adults were in cohabiting relationships in 2016 compared to nine years earlier, according to the Pew Research Center.

Even as some couples are skipping the engagement ring or choosing a stone other than a diamond, Coontz said symbols such as the engagement ring are still sticking around.
Call it bad luck or superstition, not seeing one another before the ceremony can also make that first moment as you walk down the aisle even more special. But the tradition has less-than-romantic origins.

Arranged marriages used to be the norm, serving more as a business deal between families than a love match. In fact, the couple didn't just spend the morning of the wedding apart: There was a time when it was totally normal (and even expected) for the couple to have never seen one another before the wedding at all!

The deal was usually made by the bride's father, who wanted his daughter to marry rich to help his own family. However, he might worry that if the groom saw the bride before the ceremony, he might not find her attractive and could call off the wedding—leading to serious shame for the bride and her family. The veil comes into play here, too.

By having a veil over the bride's face, the groom wouldn't see her until the very last moment, when it was too late to back out. The superstition about a bride and groom seeing one another before the ceremony has evolved into the (much more romantic) idea that the groom shouldn't see the bride in her dress until she walks down the aisle.
When Dan Gerecht bought a wedding insurance policy for his daughter Yvonne’s big day last year, he did it because the event was scheduled during hurricane season and he was worried that weather might force them to cancel. But it turned out the Gerechts needed the policy for a different reason.

The venue, the Winery at Elk Manor in North East, Maryland, shut down just two months before Yvonne’s 2016 Labor Day wedding, Gerecht says. They found themselves scrambling for a new location — and out the $30,000 Gerecht had already paid to Elk Manor.

Vendor issues, like the venue going out of business, make up 30% of wedding insurance claim dollars — the largest share — paid by Travelers Insurance. Wedding insurance policies will often reimburse you if you have to book a last-minute vendor or reschedule the wedding if a vendor backs out.

Gerecht says he was tipped off that something was awry when the caterer emailed and told him the venue hadn’t paid as promised. Fortunately, the $355 policy he’d bought from Travelers covered the venue closing. Wedding insurance “is such a small cost compared to what you could lose if something goes wrong,” says Anne Chertoff, wedding trends expert at WeddingWire.
10 glorious years of togetherness, Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan make for the strongest couple of B-Town. It is their anniversary today and all their fans are gushing over how the couple has set relationship goals for everyone all these years. Though their anniversary calls for a grand celebration, this year, the couple has decided to keep their wedding anniversary a low-key affair, following the death of Aishwarya’s father. But, Abhishek did woo all of us by sharing a sweet message on social media.

Abhi took to his Twitter handle to thank everybody for wishing the couple on their big day. He also expressed how easily these 10 years passed by.

He tweeted, “And just like that…. It’s been 10 years! Thank you all for the wishes for Aishwarya and I. Lots of love.”