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Transport for London is spending £18m on upgrading the capital’s power grids to charge the first generation of battery-powered black cabs.

From 1 January 2018, all new black cabs will have to be battery-powered electric models by law as part of TfL’s effort to reduce toxic pollution from diesel engines.

The cash will pay for network reinforcements to enable British Gas owner Centrica and other energy companies to install 300 rapid electric-car charging stations by 2020.

The charging point can top up a car’s battery within minutes, rather than the hours it takes for the city’s thousands of conventional electric vehicles.

An initial 75 fast chargers are due to be operational by the end of the year. While some of the sites will be exclusively for black cabs, the network will also be open to the increasing number of owners of Teslas, Nissan Leafs and electric BMWs in London.
Labour is solidly ahead of the Conservatives with voters under 40 years old, despite being more than 20 points behind in the polls overall, according to a significant new poll.

The mega-poll of nearly 13,000 voters by YouGov conducted over a two and a half week period found Jeremy Corbyn would be heading to Downing Street were the election decided by 18-40 year olds.

Labour is particular popular with women under 40, who split 42 per cent in favour of Mr Corbyn’s party and 27 per cent for Theresa May’s. Twelve per cent support the Lib Dems. Men under 40 also back Labour by 32 per cent to 31 per cent for the Conservatives, with 18 per cent backing the Lib Dems.

But Labour is well behind in the polls overall – by about 20 points – because of a significantly lower expected turnout among young voters and a huge generational divide.
A Scottish engineer has been awarded $1m after he revealed that a cruise liner was illegally dumping waste. 

Christopher Keays, from Glasgow, turned whistleblower shortly after starting a new job on board the Caribbean Princess in 2013.

He discovered that a so-called "magic pipe" was being used to illegally pump oily waste into British waters.

His evidence led to US courts imposing a $40m penalty on Princess Cruise Liners. 

The US Department of Justice said it was the largest ever fine for a crime involving deliberate vessel pollution. 

Court papers reveal that Mr Keays was 27 when he took a post as a junior engineer onboard the 3,140-passenger Caribbean Princess. 

It was his first job since graduating from the Glasgow College of Nautical Studies.
Tom Hardy has made headlines after reportedly helping to snare a moped thief by chasing him through London before declaring ‘I caught the c**t’.

The ‘Taboo‘ star is said to have chased the thief through gardens and across a building site in south west London, before he “switched into super hero mode” and captured him himself before checking him for weapons and asking to see ID.

Witness Arun Pullen, 22, says he saw two men had jumped a red light before crashing the moped into a £50,000 Mercedes near Hardy’s home in Richmond – when the chase began.

As The Sun reports, the pursuit ended with Hardy grabbing the assailant by the scruff of the neck and yelling “I caught the c**t”. Two suspects were arrested and charged with theft.
The legendary wildlife presenter is fast approaching the grand age of 91 years old and he has admitted that he has “run into a few problems” while writing his scripts for ‘Blue Planet II’ because he’s struggling to remember the names of his beloved plants.

Sir David is currently travelling around the globe filming the follow up to the epic series that was last seen on screen in 2007 and the TV star noticed his memory lapse while he was trying to recall the name of a flower during a recent trip to Jura Mountains in Switzerland.

He confessed it has slowed down production on ‘Blue Planet II’.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, he said he is still ‘coming to terms’ with his forgetfulness, explaining: “There were these searing yellow fields and I can’t think of the damn name.

“I wanted to say something about it but I couldn’t and it wasn’t until we got quite close to Geneva that I thought, of course, oil seed rape.”

He said that he is not a big fan of “electronic communication”, adding: “When it comes to making television programmes, I like to think that I know what the latest gear is and what tomorrow’s latest gear is, but maybe I’m deceiving myself.”
A senior Russian politician responded aggressively Monday to comments by the U.K.'s defense minister suggesting pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons against Russia is an option for London, claiming the U.K. would be completely annihilated by Russia's nukes in response. 

Russia's Frants Klintsevich, who heads the defense and security committee in Moscow's upper house of parliament, said the U.K. would be "literally wiped off the face of the Earth by a counter strike." Earlier that day, U.K. Defense Minister Michael Fallon said during a radio show that the U.K. could consider a preemptive nuclear attack amid recent political tensions between Russia and Western governments, according to The Moscow Times. Fallon said the U.K.'s military would only make combat use of its Trident nuclear program in extenuating circumstances, but refused to say exactly what those conditions would be.

"In the most extreme circumstances, we've made it very clear that you can't rule out the use of nuclear weapons as a first strike," Fallon told BBC Radio 4's Today program, according to The Independent.

"The whole point about the deterrent is that you have got to leave uncertainty in the mind of anybody who might be thinking of using weapons against this country," he added after being asked to specify what circumstances warranted the use of such warheads.