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Aaron Hernandez prison letters were released, revealing that the ”gay lover ” letters rumors may have been just rumors. 

The three notes recovered in Aaron Hernandez's prison cell were written to his fiancee, his daughter, and his attorney, Jose Baez.

The contents of the letters are being kept under wraps for now but sources familiar with the investigation tell us the ex-NFL player did not leave any sort of a message for another inmate.

There are reports Hernandez had been corresponding with a "gay lover" during his time in lockup, but Baez shot that down as false.
It has been widely reported for weeks that big cuts are coming to ESPN—so widely reported, and dissected, and gossiped about, in fact, that ESPN moved up its schedule and is notifying people earlier than it originally planned.

The 100 people getting cut are all “on-air talent,” a label ESPN uses for TV personalities, radio hosts, and writers who regularly appear on TV and radio. (ESPN says it has 1,000 such people, prior to these cuts.)

In addition to those 100, a “limited number of other positions will also be affected,” according to a note sent to all employees on Wednesday morning from ESPN president John Skipper.

A source tells Yahoo Finance the number of non-talent getting cut is indeed a “very limited” number, but nonetheless, the number is on top of the 100 on-air talents.

In his companywide memo, posted publicly, Skipper frames the cuts around a shifting content strategy. ESPN’s content strategy, he writes, “still needs to go further, faster… and as always, must be efficient and nimble. Dynamic change demands an increased focus on versatility and value, and as a result, we have been engaged in the challenging process of determining the talent—anchors, analysts, reporters, writers and those who handle play-by-play—necessary to meet those demands. We will implement changes in our talent lineup this week.”
If you're bored of your usual cardio routine—biking, skiing, running, hiking—there's a new type of heart-pumping workout you can turn to next time you want to break a sweat in the great outdoors. It's called uphill skiing—and it's a lot more fun than it sounds.

All the rage in Europe (especially in the Alps, where it's not uncommon to plan uphill outings ending with a glass of wine), the sport-themed workout is starting to take the U.S. mainstream skiing community by storm. National Academy of Sports Medicine-certified personal trainer and sports conditioning coach Andia Winslow, says, "gravity is an equal partner in your descent" during downhill skiing.

But she notes that "uphill skiing requires consistent motion to keep from stopping—[making it] a steady-state aerobic activity through and through." Helping maintain a consistent motion, as opposed to stopping and starting, uphill skiing allows for a steady pace far longer than a strenuous hike, Winslow notes. And the benefits don't stop there:

"Not only do you use your feet and legs to glide, maintaining ground contact throughout (unless turning or maneuvering around impediments), but you also use your arms to plant poles," she says. "In this way you're also getting a pretty great core workout!"
Aaron Hernandez's autopsy shows the ex-NFL player had traces of synthetic marijuana in his system at the time of his death, this according to reports ... but the medical examiner is calling it a "rumor."

Newsweek is reporting Hernandez's body tested positive for K2 during a kidney fluid screen conducted during the autopsy.  The outlet says a full-scale search and raid of the prison was carried out in the wake of the discovery -- with law enforcement officials on the hunt for contraband and clues to how the K2 drug got into the prison in the first place. 

It sounds like a scene out of "Orange is the New Black" -- only not as fun. Some officials believe K2 can be smuggled into prison through the mail -- since you can dip corners of paper into the liquid for the drug user to consume at a later time.

However, the Massachusetts Medical Examiner's office reported, "The toxicology is not yet complete," adding that the tall tale may very well be just that. The rep told us there is no timeline for when the results will be in.
Marshawn Lynch is set to come out of retirement after the Raiders and Seahawks agreed to a trade that allows the running back to play in Oakland, sources confirmed to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Lynch and the Raiders have an agreement for a two-year contract in place, according to league sources, and he is at Oakland's training facility Wednesday to take a physical. Assuming he passes, the Raiders and Seahawks are expected to finalize the swap that would send Lynch to his hometown of Oakland.

"It's getting done," said one source with knowledge of the situation.

Lynch, who retired after the 2015 season, was born and raised in Oakland. The Raiders will play there for at least the next two seasons before moving to Las Vegas.

The NFL Network first reported the Raiders-Seahawks agreement for a trade.
Every team in the NBA will be wearing Nike next season except for Michael Jordan‘s Charlotte Hornets, who will be the only team in the League wearing Jordan Brand.

MJ is of course the face of the Air Jordan brand, which continues to produce some of the hottest basketball kicks and apparel.

While the only noticeable difference on the Hornets’ uniforms may be a Jumpman logo, the possibilities for alternate uniforms are tantalizing.

Per team press release stated: "The Hornets will be the only team in the NBA wearing Jordan Brand uniforms, and with the agreement taking effect, the Hornets Fan Shop will have even more of the popular Jordan Brand Hornets merchandise than it has had previously."
The Houston Rockets survived the Russell Westbrook storm on Tuesday night, downing the Oklahoma City Thunder 105-99 at the Toyota Center to finish their first-round series in five games.

Houston, which went from an eighth seed a year ago to a third seed that has earned the distinction of darkhorse title contender, will face the winner of the San Antonio Spurs-Memphis Grizzlies series in the second round (the Spurs took a 3-2 series lead with a 116-103 win Tuesday). If only Westbrook’s teammates would have found a way to help, this one might have been different.

No matter how angry Westbrook was in his postgame session with reporters on Sunday, when he grew surly with a local columnist who inquired about the Thunder’s elephant-in-the-room problem of playing poorly without him, that harsh reality remained true two nights later.