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Even as the Trump administration jousts with Canada over its latest trade dispute, it might want to keep a closer eye on Mexico, America’s No. 1 one dairy importer. Its southern neighbor, which figures prominently in the U.S. government’s crime and immigration rhetoric, spent almost twice as much money as Canada did on U.S. dairy in 2016. That’s $1.2 billion.

Now it appears Mexico is looking for new trading partners.

In the first two months of 2017, Mexico increased its imports of skim milk powder from the European Union by 122 percent over last year, according to the EU Milk Market Observatory (as first reported by the Irish Farm Journal). Mexico has also been exploring talks with dairy powerhouse New Zealand. That country’s trade minister visited Mexico City in February to discuss a potential trade deal. 

Why the moves by Mexico? In a word: Trump.

“Mexico is looking to make sure they have market alternatives because of the rhetoric from the U.S. on renegotiating Nafta,” said D. Scott Brown, who teaches agricultural and applied economics at the University of Missouri, referring to the North American Free Trade Agreement. “This may be an opportunity to find other places for skim milk powder.” Rabobank also reported that tensions between the U.S. and Mexico are the reason for Mexico’s changing dairy purchasing strategy. bloomberg.com
Gold Coast police officers are trying to paint a better picture of the official crime rate by “soliciting” victims to withdraw complaints, a damning report has found. The Queensland auditor general’s report also warns crime statistics collated and released by the state’s police service should be “treated with caution”.

Tabled in parliament on Wednesday, the report found an unhealthy focus on achieving performance targets on the tourist strip over quality data. Officers in the Gold Coast district had multiple methods designed to make victims withdraw their complaints, thereby increasing the clearance rate. 

The report said tactics also included sending letters to victims requiring them to respond within seven days or else it would be “presumed” no further action was wanted and the complaint withdrawn. The district also adopted a “three strikes policy” where, if the victim couldn’t be contacted after three attempts, the complaint would be marked as withdrawn.

The scathing report also found a practice of altering crime data statistics by Gold Coast officers had “gone unnoticed or unchallenged at senior levels”. Flawed data reporting also appears to exist beyond the police service, with the auditor general also finding fault with information released to the public by the Queensland Corrective Services. theguardian.com
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has warned that he could be “50 times” more brutal than Isis militants who stage beheadings and said he could even “eat” the extremists if they're captured alive by troops.

Duterte has repeatedly threatened drug suspects with death, but he raised his shock rhetoric to a new level as president when he said in a speech during the opening of a national sports tournament what he could do to terrorists who have staged beheadings and other gruesome attacks.

Duterte ordered troops to kill fleeing Muslim militants behind a foiled attack in the central resort province of Bohol and not bring them to him alive, calling the extremists “animals.”

“If you want me to be an animal, I'm also used to that. We're just the same,” Duterte said. “I can dish out, go down what you can 50 times over.”

The foul-mouthed president said that if a terrorist was presented to him when he's in a foul mood, “give me salt and vinegar and I'll eat his liver.” belfasttelegraph.co.uk
It has been a decade since the Australian banker turned hotelier Andrew Dixon and his partners opened Nikoi Island, Indonesia’s picturesque private-isle resort in the  Riau archipelago. Now, Dixon has unveiled his next big project, a second private island just a short speedboat away. Cempedak Island debuted in March on more than 42 acres of rainforest ringed with secluded white-sand beaches. There lie just 20 villas, each hidden among the verdant thickets for total privacy. Designed by the New Zealand–born architect Miles Humphrey (who counts Bali’s temple-like Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve among his many hospitality projects), the accommodations are constructed entirely of sustainable bamboo, recycled teak, and rubber wood, and topped with thatch grass roofing. It’s all very Robinson Crusoe, but with creature comforts like organic linens, private saltwater swimming pools, and sprawling terraces that spill out onto the sand.

Of course, Cempedak offers plenty of reasons to step away from your villa, too. Guests can enjoy a grass tennis court and a long list of aquatic activities, including scuba diving and snorkeling in the surrounding crystalline waters. The cocktail bar, raised high over the jungle treetops, provides a dramatic front-row seat for sunset, and the Indonesian restaurant highlights regional dishes like mie goreng (spicy noodles) and gado-gado (vegetable salad with peanut dressing) with impeccable precision. Regardless of where you spend your time, you’re sure to find company from the wild locals—sea otters swirl around in the shallow coastal waters, rare silver-leaf monkeys swing in the trees above, and even the critically endangered pangolin make very occasional robbreport.com
The man tipped to be President Donald Trump's US ambassador to New Zealand is a former naked centrefold and supports the use of waterboarding.

Former US Senator and winner of "America's Sexiest Man" Scott Brown is being linked to the job by The Boston Globe, in a report claiming the 57-year-old is in line to "get the nod for Wellington."

Brown has a more colourful past than most diplomats.

In 1982 he nailed Cosmopolitan magazine's "America's Sexiest Man" competition, with the former Army man then turning his hand to politics.

His time as a senator included backing the use of "enhanced interrogation techniques" including waterboarding - the act of simulated drowning in order to get subjects to release information. nzherald.co.nz
The latest aerial surveys released by scientists this month show a recent bleaching event almost as severe as the record bleaching of 2016 that left two-thirds of the reef damaged. Bleaching occurs when extreme heat forces algae to abandon coral, turning them pale white.

In 2016, El Niño was responsible for a spike in ocean temperatures, which led to an unprecedented level of bleaching along the northern third of the reef. Scientists found as many as 95 percent of the corals surveyed in 2016 were severely bleached.

Bleaching is not necessarily fatal for coral, but 2016 was also the highest level of coral mortality ever recorded on the Great Barrier Reef. In the worst-affected area, a 435-mile region in the north near Cooktown, Australia, as much as 67 percent of shallow-water corals died.

This year, scientists says climate change and rising ocean temperatures are behind the bleaching of the reef, with bleaching spread further south, hitting the middle third particularly hard. Only the southern third of the reef is unharmed. vox.com