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Aaron Hernandez prison letters were released, revealing that the ”gay lover ” letters rumors may have been just rumors. 

The three notes recovered in Aaron Hernandez's prison cell were written to his fiancee, his daughter, and his attorney, Jose Baez.

The contents of the letters are being kept under wraps for now but sources familiar with the investigation tell us the ex-NFL player did not leave any sort of a message for another inmate.

There are reports Hernandez had been corresponding with a "gay lover" during his time in lockup, but Baez shot that down as false.
The alleged human rights abuses against gay men in Chechnya have taken a disturbing turn: According to one British official, the Chechen president has a deadline by which he plans to "eliminate" the country's LGBTQ population. Sir Alan Duncan, a British member of Parliament and the U.K.'s minister of state for foreign and commonwealth affairs, addressed parlement on Thursday and spoke about the situation in Chechnya and said that at least four gay man have been killed and as more than 100 have been detained are "of deep concern to the U.K.", And, according to Duncan, the deadline for the violent campaign, set by Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, is the beginning of the Muslim holiday of Ramadam — which starts May 26.

The actions in these reports are utterly barbaric. One of the most disgusting things I have seen is a Chechen security source stating that these arrests are part of what he called a preventative clean-up ... Human rights groups report that these anti-gay campaigns and killings are orchestrated by the head of the Chechen republic, Ramzan Kadyrov. He has carried out other violent campaigns in the past, and this time he is directing his efforts at the LGBT community. Sources have said that he wants the community eliminated by the start of Ramadan.

Duncan did not identify those sources — but he's not the first to suggest that Kadyrov, the leader of the largely Muslim republic, is behind the country's violent persecution of LGBTQ people, specifically gay men.
This Wednesday, President Trump revoked landmark protections that allowed transgender students to use the bathrooms they identify with, reversing work of the previous Obama administration that many celebrated as a victory for LGBT civil rights.

As reported by Reuters, last May then-President Barack Obama ordered schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms matching their preferred gender identity. Schools that did not comply risked having their funds withheld.

As GOP lawmakers push their draconian anti-LGBT legislation across the South, the transgender community is now assuming the role of religious conservatives’ new favorite target, namely through what the Internet is calling “bathroom laws,” a tactic used to keep trans people from using the bathroom they associate with their gender identities.

But as Dan Avery of NewNowNext pointed out in late March, in all the entire history of the earth, more Republican lawmakers have been arrested for lewd conduct in bathrooms than trans people. Republicans – 3, (that we know of off-hand) trans people – 0.
Gay men in Russia's Chechen Republic are being illegally detained in at least six secret prisons across the region. The Novaya Gazeta newspaper has reported hundreds of men were being detained, tortured and even killed in a government-backed crackdown on the LGBT community. The claims centered on two jails in the Chechen villages of Argun and Tsotsi-Yurt.

Now Novaya Gazeta has claimed that at least four more prisons are illegally holding gay men due to their sexual orientation. The men, who face physical beatings and electric shocks, are only released after their families offer large bribes to the police, the outlet wrote.

The newspaper also claimed that Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov knew about the crackdown, despite his repeated denials that such jails did not exist. In a meeting with Putin, Kadyrov named one of the men which had allegedly been killed due to his sexual orientation, Novaya Gazeta reported. 

The man's identity was known to journalists, but had not been published by the press. The outlet also reported that Magomed Daudov  —  the speaker of the Chechen parliament and a member of Kadyrov's inner circle — had visited one of the prisons where gay men were being held.
It was supposed to be a night out. But for the young man who calls himself Maksim, as for scores of other gay men arrested in a pogrom this month in Russia’s Chechnya region, it pivoted into nearly two weeks of beatings and torture.

Maksim said it had started with a chat room conversation with “a very good old friend who is also gay,” and who suggested that they meet at an apartment. When Maksim arrived, however, he was greeted not by his friend but by agents who beat him. Later, they strapped him to a chair, attached electrical wires to his hands with alligator clips and began an interrogation.

Gay men have never had an easy life in Chechnya. But the targeted, collective punishment of gays that began last month under its pro-Kremlin leader, Ramzan A. Kadyrov, is a new turn in the region’s long history of rights abuses.

Homosexuality is taboo in Chechnya and the mostly Muslim surrounding areas of the Caucasus region in southern Russia. “This society is highly homophobic,” said Ekaterina L. Sokiryanskaya, Russia project director for the International Crisis Group and an authority on Chechnya. “Homosexuality is condemned. It is believed Islam considers it a great sin.”
Quite a few of us are familiar with the sensation. We watch our favourite TV shows and as we become further entwined with our favourite characters and their various misadventures, we can't help but hope. We hope they will defeat evil. We hope they will not die. And most of all, we hope they'll find love. This, inevitably, leads to what's known as shipping: when the sexual tension between two characters becomes so apparent, and so palpable, we spend every episode hoping they'll finally surrender to their love. It's all natural, and it's usually all fun . . . until the showrunners start to take note and use the information to their advantage.

At this point, the writers might begin deliberately inserting moments that are meant to drive fans crazy. This can become especially problematic in one scenario: when a ship occurs between two characters of the same sex. When the writers or showrunners insert these small moments, especially to tease the potential inclusion of the LGBTQ community, that's where we hit a problem. This is what's known as queerbaiting: giving hope for the inclusion of an LGBTQ character without ever following through.

Perhaps one of the most incendiary examples of the phenomenon is Supernatural, which you might even argue was pivotal in establishing "queerbaiting" as a growing problem. For seasons and seasons, the show implied that romantic feelings had grown between Castiel and Dean Winchester, thus earning the ship name "Destiel." What started as harmless nods turned to all-out jokes, winks to camera, and more. In 2014, fans directly called out the show for its problematic way of handling the situation, especially after Misha Collins directly hinted at a payoff in an interview with the Huffington Post.
As Ramadan starts on May 26 this year and is widely celebrated in the predominantly Muslim are of Chechnya, the president of Chechnya has issued a chilling warning to gay men in the region.

Sir Alan Duncan, Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, told parliament: “Human rights groups report that these anti-gay campaigns and killings are orchestrated by the head of the Chechen republic, Ramzan Kadyrov."

“He has carried out other violent campaigns in the past, and this time he is directing his efforts at the LGBT community. “Sources have said that he wants the [LGBT] community eliminated by the start of Ramadan.” The minister added: “Such comments, attitudes, and actions are absolutely beyond contemptible.”

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson’s deputy, who is gay himself, labelled the reported abuses of gay men as “utterly barbaric” and “despicable” in a strongly worded statement to the Commons.