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The fact that so many computer scientists are ignorant or disdainful of non-technical approaches is worrisome. Here are some steps forward.

Universities should start with broader training for computer science students. Most top undergraduate programs in computer science, do not require students to take a course on ethical and social issues in computer science!

Organizations should explore the social and ethical issues their products create: Google and Microsoft deserve credit for researching algorithmic discrimination, and Facebook for investigating echo chambers.

Companies should hire the people harmed or excluded by their products: whose faces their computer vision systems don’t recognize. Hire non-computer-scientists and have them challenge the worldviews of the workforce.
Visual artist Bobby Rogers published the powerful portrait series inspired by the Twitter hashtag, #BeingBlackAndMuslim.

Exploring the challenges many people face at the intersection of two marginalized identities, Roger's project brings awareness to challenges black Muslims face.  

Despite their combined history in religion, the ethnic group's converging identities are overlooked in racism and Islamophobia.

The artist hopes “for others to understand the true beauty and resilience of being Black and Muslim," recognizing "blackness as a part of the conversation."