Coffee in a cone lands in Australia

It might be #zerowaste but it's definitely not #zerocalories.

Bean hunters wanting to cut back on their throw-away cup habit will soon be able to drink their coffee, then eat the cup it came in.

Well, technically, a cone rather than a cup.

It looks like a regular waffle ice-cream cone, except it's lined with layers of dark chocolate to make it leakproof.

Customers don't have to skol their drink straight away – the coating allows drinkers 10 minutes to enjoy their brew before the chocolate begins to melt.

The caffeine-dessert hybrid, which is rolling out across NSW and Victoria this month, is the creation of South African barista and entrepreneur Dayne Levinrad, who trained in Australia with Chris Karvelas from Harry's in Bondi and Saxon Wright from Pablo and Rusty's.