How to transition from a longboard to a shortboard

Let's be honest. Going from a longboard to a shortboard is a slow and tricky process. 

Initially, you'll feel like you're starting all over again. No worries, though. You won't need to relearn how to stand up on a surfboard. The only thing you'll need to train is your muscle memory.

If you're planning to switch a big board for a short, high-performance thruster, ask yourself the following questions, and if all answers are "no," then continue training with the big rocket:

1. Are you able to catch unbroken waves? If you can't get into a wave with a longboard, you're not ready for the switch;

2. Can you angle the board on the take-off? If you can't enter a wave at a 45-degree angle, continue practicing with the longboard;

3. Can you ride a wave down the line? If you can only ride the wave straight toward the beach, it's still not time for the transition;

4. Have you tried a friend's shortboard? Do it, and analyze the experience before buying a new board;

5. Are you confident enough to take on the shortboard challenge? If you've got time and patience, go for it;