North Korea says it may 'reduce the US mainland to ashes any moment'

The US mainland could be “reduced to ashes at any moment”, the North Korean government’s official newspaper has said, as tensions between the two countries continue to mount.

The Rodong Sinmun, an official mouthpiece of Kim Jong-un’s ruling Workers’ Party, said the “reckless and hysteric” behaviour of Donald Trump would be to blame if the US is attacked.

The Trump administration has been “seized with anxiety and terror” following North Korea's successful testing of a long-range missile, the newspaper claimed, saying “US military warmongers are running amok”.

“It is a tragedy that the reckless and hysteric behaviours may reduce the US mainland to ashes [at] any moment,” it continued.

Ominously, it said it was the “steadfast will” of North Korea to “put an end to the hostile moves of the US” and vowed that the communist state will “win the final victory in the stand-off with imperialism and the US”, adding: “The US and its vassal forces will dearly pay for the harshest sanctions and pressure and reckless military provocations against the DPRK.”

The latest threats follow days of mounting tensions between the US government and the North Korean regime.