Elephant shot dead after trampling 15 people to death in India

A rogue elephant, who trampled 15 people to death in eastern India, has been shot dead in an elaborate hunt involving forest guards and sharpshooters.

The wild elephant, believed to be about 25-years-old, had killed four people in Bihar in March before it crossed over to neighbouring Jharkhand state where it crushed 11 people to death.

Forest authorities recently signed shooting orders for the tusker, which had so terrorised the locals that they fled their villages in the hilly forests of Jharkhand.

"In a challenging operation amid heavy rains, dense forests and low visibility, our team comprising 50 staff finally managed to track down the elephant on Friday evening," state chief forest wildlife conservator Lal Ratnakar Singh said.

"An expert hunter and sharpshooter was given the task to take the perfect aim, as we want to avoid a painful death for the animal.

He fired the first shot on its forehead, and after it fell, fired another shot to confirm it was killed," he said. sbs.com.au