iPhone 8 leak 'confirms' Apple's biggest problems

iPhone 8 will look fantastic and all signs point to it being a runaway success, even if it costs the earth.

Predictably the source is acclaimed Apple insider KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo and in a new report obtained by MacRumors he has confirmed Apple faces both supply chain problems and design restrictions.

Perhaps the biggest thorn in Apple’s side with the iPhone 8 is its headline feature: the switch to an enlarged OLED display.

And Kuo states this will cause a record supply deficit at launch.

Given the iPhone 8 is the first dramatic redesign of the iPhone in three generations, limiting it to 2-4M units could cause chaos.

Kuo agrees the iPhone 8 will be limited to three colors but he states they will be black, silver and gold (some describe it as closer to copper/bronze). forbes.com