Saudi Arabia using biological bombs in Yemen

Saudi Arabia is using biological bombs in its attacks on Yemen, causing large numbers of Yemenis to contract cholera and meningitis, according to hospital sources in the war-torn state.

At a time when Yemen is under siege by Saudi Arabia from the air, sea and land for more than two and a half years, the sufferings of Yemeni people are growing in the face of the international community’s unprecedented silence.

According to a Farsi report by Al-Alam News Network, part of the catastrophic situation in Yemen is related to the outbreak of diseases.

The last epidemic was that of cholera which has so far afflicted hundreds of thousands of people and claimed thousands of lives.

In addition to cholera, meningitis has also broken out in Yemen, afflicting dozens of people so far, say sources close to the World Health Organization.

As Saudi Arabia continues to attack and destroy medical centres and prevent pharmaceuticals and medical aid from getting in while pressing ahead with its devastating siege of Yemen, the number of meningitis-sufferers is increasing while hundreds of thousands of women and children have lost their lives to cholera.