Pussy Riot political protest duo detained in Siberia

Maria Alekhina and Olga Borisova held for stunt in Yakutsk challenging imprisonment of 'terrorist group' founder Oleg Sentsov.

The pair were taken to a police station in Yakutsk on suspicion of organising an illegal public protest close to the penal colony where Sentsov is held. 

They held a large sign saying in English: 'Free Sentsov'.

Alekhina said on her Facebook page: 'Yakutsk, Russia's Republic of Sakha, a bridge across the Lake of Saysary.

The penal colony No. 1, where Oleg Sentsov is held, is twenty minutes, seven and a half kilometres from here. 

'We used a linen canvas and pink spray paint to make a banner and placed it on the bridge so that the passers-by and residents of houses across the street could see it.' siberiantimes.com