Manchester attack: Police confident of 'rolling up' network

Police in Manchester are “confident of rolling up” the suspected terrorist cell behind the attack, according Security Minister Ben Wallace.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme ahead of another meeting of the government’s emergency committee Cobra, Wallace said:

“The police are confident that they are in a position to have a good coverage of what’s happened, and of rolling it up, I can’t say any more about that, that would threaten ongoing operations. It is still very live, it is still very hot. That’s why we have critical as our security state.”

Asked if the police were searching for two more bombs, Wallace said: “We are trying to roll up a network. This is not a lone individual. We have to close down every lead we find. We have to follow it up and make sure we make the arrests and the searches that we need to do.”

He added: “There is a difference between the Westminster attack, which was a single individual ... and this lot. That’s why we are on a heightened state of alert.