Bourez wows crowd with a forgotten tube technique

During his Sunday heat at Cloudbreak, Michel Bourez revealed an updated version of a long-lost backside stalling technique once popularized by Aussie goofyfooter Neal Purchase Jr., who was renowned for his backhand tuberiding at Kirra back in the 90s and 00s.

Purchase was an early advocate of using every imaginable body part for stalling purposes, including hands, butt, and even his back foot. Though a long and lean fellow, he put himself into pretzel positions to stay cleanly slotted in even the smallest of tubes.

Bourez, however, used an updated version of the technique on a Cloudbreak bomb, utilizing his entire back leg behind the tail of his board.

He used the trailing leg as both anchor and rudder, somehow balancing just with his front leg on the board. It allowed him to stay deeper in the tube and was critical to scoring a 9.17 for the wave which led to Round One's highest heat total.