The quiet, island life Schapelle will leave behind when she leaves Bali

There are so many things about Bali that Schapelle Corby will miss: Like grilled chicken for just $1.50, her little spot at Jerman Beach, where she could swim, snorkel and read books in peace, her two dogs, Luna and May, and beer for a few dollars a bottle.

And most importantly there is her Indonesian boyfriend, Ben Panangian, on whom she has leaned since they first met inside Bali’s Kerobokan Prison more than 10 years ago.

In one week the 39-year-old will say goodbye to her Bali lifestyle, to all the things that have made her love the so-called Island of the Gods, despite the fact that it was here that she was named a convicted drug trafficker despite tearful protestations that she was innocent.

After the crushing 20-year sentence was handed down Corby spent the best part of a decade behind bars at Kerobokan, during which she suffered a mental breakdown and was twice admitted to hospital.

There is no doubt se will be looking forward to returning home next Saturday, May 27, when she will sign her parole for the last time and be deported to Australia.