Cyclist finds her stolen bike being advertised on Facebook but police don't want to know

A Bristol cyclist who had her bike stolen beat the thieves at their own game when she set up a sting to take it back from the man selling it on Facebook.

Jenni Morton-Humphreys, 30, planned a sting operation with a stranger and had her expensive German racing bike back within the space of 24 hours from when it was stolen last weekend.

After setting up a meeting with the man to see the bike as a prospective buyer, she told him she was going to take it for a 'test drive' and sped off instead.

Morton-Humphreys told police about her plan, but they did not help her with the sting or arrest the man selling it.

She had been worried that her blue Cube bicycle would be sold to someone else if she didn't act quickly.

The bike had vanished from Bristol city centre after someone cut through her bike lock's chain.