Denied U.S. visas, Tibetan women soccer team now travelling to Canada

Based in Dharamsala, India, sixteen players of a Tibetan women's soccer team, most aged 18-20-year-old, were denied U.S. visas to participate in a tournament in Texas owing to the Trump administration's new immigration laws, are now travelling to Canada to play a tourney.

According to the Tibetan women footballers, the US embassy, while rejecting the visa, told them they had "no good reason to travel to the U.S." The denial of visas came February came as the U.S. administration under President Donald Trump was coming with a new immigration order.

The team had voiced surprise at the visa denial, even as the U.S. embassy said all visa applications were processed according to U.S. law.They had sought a 10-day tourist visa to the U.S. at the invitation of former English football player and manager Gordon Harold Jago to play the Dallas Cup, a well-known friendly tournament with soccer stars like David Beckham and Wayne Rooney in the alumni list.

After the controversy arose over the denials of U.S. visas, the Central Tibetan Administration clarified that the Tibetan National Sports Association, officially recognized by it, has disassociated itself with the Tibetan Women's Soccer team.