One Iraqi man is using a paintbrush to counteract hate messages from ISIS

In eastern parts of the city that have been liberated from the Islamic State, Mosul residents have been painting over messages of hate that were left behind. Sadoun Dhanoun, however, is taking things a step further by painting his own messages in their place.

New York Times correspondent Rukmini Callimachi spotted the man this past week and spoke to him. According to Callimachi, the wall Dhanoun was working on had previously been painted with a verse calling for violence. Dhanoun replaced it with the saying, "In life, be like a sugar cube, so that when you are gone you leave a sweet taste."

Dhanoun found the quote by searching for "wise sayings" in an internet cafe. It spoke to him "because ISIS left everyone with a bad taste in their mouth."

He was reportedly hired by a senior citizen group and is painting at least seven walls in the area using donations adding up to less than $200. He showed Callimachi the other sayings he had written down, and said he also plans to paint flowers.